Why Being a Kid In An Adventure Movie Would Suck – Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

Why Being a Kid In An Adventure Movie Would Suck – Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder


But, hey, at least you get to eat all the candy you want.

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20 Responses

  1. Akaki მაქაცარია says:

    Hay American man! You think having a magical adventure as a kid is
    damaging? Imagine fighting Ottomans and Persians as a kid! You know what
    use to happen to soldier kids? they ether died or grew up as productive
    members of society. People didn’t have shrinks 200+ years ago.

  2. Dustin Rodriguez says:

    Pretty much every person has the first problem. They have all their fun in
    adolescence, and then adulthood kills all joy with its archaic “hey, give
    up 40 years of your life because we’re not smart enough to realize advanced
    technology means anyone can outcompete their own employers while working 10
    times less”.

    Also, you entirely do not understand psychological trauma. You don’t get
    traumatized and need therapy just because you got really, really scared.
    The Potter kids will be traumatized, sure, especially because alongside
    those giant spiders and shit they were fighting and killing other human
    wizards. THAT would be the traumatizing part. The Jurassic Park kids would,
    at most, have trouble with lizards. Just don’t toss an iguana on a closed
    room with them and they’ll be fine. I don’t know where this idea came from
    that experiencing fear is, in itself, traumatizing. It’s not. Witnessing
    violence, mutilation, and things that cause your mirror neurons to reflect
    a simulacra of that damage on your own mind will cause trauma. Needing to
    run away from a tiger because you imagine it will eat you is fundamentally
    a different experience in the brain and is processed in completely
    different ways. This is also why no amount of scary movies can traumatize a
    person (although watching such movies and then obsessing over how badly
    they hurt you actually can).

  3. James Leffel says:

    Did you seriously just show the E.T. with the walkie-talkies edited in?

  4. Anthony Pirtle says:

    I was laughing along to this video until Daniel implied that Michael Banks
    most likely died in a French trench in 1917. Then I googled the actor,
    Matthew Garber, and discovered that he was killed by pancreatitis at 21
    after eating bad meat in India. Now I’m sad. Thanks Daniel.

  5. Bat Spam101 says:

    3 years since Frozen!

  6. Eric David says:

    Why do you have Charles Barkley’s Outrageous on the table? I can’t imagine
    Daniel likes basketball.

  7. Al B says:

    HE CAN DRINK IN THE UK YOU TWAT. BRITISH PRIDE. Harry is from the UK where
    we can drink at 16 in a pub as long you you eat a meal with an 18 year old

  8. WitheredBranches says:

    aa dutchman cut my pemis off as a childd

  9. Annie Trinity says:

    Pinocchio’s date would not have baby pictures because cameras weren’t
    invented. Also Dementors aren’t fear wraiths; they’re depression wraiths;
    get your young adult magical symbolism fucking straight!

  10. vitamindubya says:

    Kinda how I felt about the Buffy cast post show.

  11. skysthe limitvideos says:

    All kids in Monsters Inc have monsters so Boo wouldn’t be any more screwed
    up than anyone else.

  12. More Human Than Human says:

    Just look at how Corey Feldman grew up. Need I say more?

  13. Szecret Szlushie says:

    3:05 If you count shipping wars, that’s not too far off.

  14. grkpektis says:

    I was just watching the Legends of the Hidden temple movie and I couldn’t
    help but think holy fucking shit these kids are straight up murdering
    people and have almost died dozens of times in one day how the hell is this
    still a fun adventure for them

  15. Peter Schmidt says:

    “driving around in a Chernobyl sarcophagus”
    couldn’t have said it better myself

  16. MrTohawk says:

    Well, and somehow kids in movies are like 3 times as smart as they should

  17. Rosebud says:

    Is it ALL THE RAPE? It’s ALL THE RAPE isn’t it? (It is)

  18. Kiljaz Ink says:

    I’m pretty sure Sully visits Boo, like, every other Friday.

  19. funny smile 123 says:

    Are you guys gonna review any more of The Walking Dead?

  20. Soda Montana says:

    Search Invisible by Lil Yung Pharaoh. It’s wavy AF?