Why Blue Whales Don’t Get Cancer – Peto’s Paradox

Why Blue Whales Don’t Get Cancer – Peto’s Paradox

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Cancer is a creepy and mysterious thing. While we tried to understand it, to get better at killing it, we discovered a biological paradox that remains unsolved to this day: large animals seem to be immune to cancer. Which doesn’t make any sense – the bigger a being, the more cancer it should have. To understand why, we first need to take a look at the nature of cancer itself.

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76 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Biology is just the best topic. Check out the sources of the video here: https://sites.google.com/view/sourcespetosparadox/ And if you want to support us making videos like this one, you can check out our shop https://kgs.link/shop or Patreon https://kgs.link/patreon

  2. GALAXY BRAIN says:

    **i used the cancer to destroy the cancer**
    Where is our blood supply!?
    **Gone, reduced to atoms.**

  3. Okami Panzer says:

    “Cancer kills cancer”
    *Sometimes world doesn’t need another hero….Sometimes it needs another monster*

  4. Kaden Vasquez says:

    Everyone out here making memes about the hypertumors when I’m just thinking about all of the cells that commit suicide for me.

    You will be remembered little guys🙏🏻

  5. LessThan30Percent says:

    Cancer: exists
    Hypertumors: I’m about to end this cancer’s whole career

  6. Athena says:

    I love how the comments section is filled with thanos quotes

  7. Nevict says:

    Tumors: exist.
    Animals: “we don’t care.”
    Tumors: *surprised*

  8. PuffTheCat Puff says:

    Doctor: We cured you of cancer!

    Patient: Good. How?

    Doctor: Well, you are now 50% elephant.

  9. JETZcorp says:

    Scientists: “We have good news and bad news.”
    “Good news first.”
    Scientists: “We have discovered a foolproof cure for cancer!”
    “H E L L Y E A H”
    Scientists: “The cure is more cancer.”
    Kool Aid Man: “OH NO.”

  10. Lizard says:

    Me: is there anything you can do about my cancer?
    Doctor: yes, we have learned from the elephants and blue whales and are adding cancer into your body.

  11. 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge says:

    Tumour suppressor: “Kill yourself”
    Mutated cell: “No I don’t think I will”

  12. ElectricGaming8 says:

    “The bigger the animal is, the more immune it is to cancer,” Fat people: H E L L Y E A H

  13. Lucas Bevins says:

    Person: Why are you fat?
    Me: “The bigger the animal is, the more immune it is to cancer”

  14. [Redacted ] says:

    “Imagine being forced to kill yourself after making one mistake”.

    Made by the cancer cell gang.

  15. Commingle says:

    Kurzgesagt: “Cancer is just selfish”

    That’s quite an understatement

  16. GohoR Arsen says:

    Kurzgesagt : “cancer killing cancer”
    People with cancer zodiac : Tom confused face*

  17. Mr MaXimum says:

    Cancer: kills cancer
    Zangeif: You are bad guy, but that does not mean you’re bad *guy*

  18. Kartik Karajgikar says:

    I seriously wish almost every complex topic in life would be explained in such fun and exciting ways as Kurzgesagt and their videos do. Seriously!! so enjoyable

    • Aggressively Amicable says:

      It would be a nice precursor but sadly these videos are often so simplified that they have no actual scientific education value beyond the layman level.

    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says:

      @Aggressively Amicable uhm what? Just from this video I learned how cancer worked and I learned about why big animal don’t get cancer. Just because it doesn’t show extremly complicated facts doesn’t mean it’s no longer good

    • Aggressively Amicable says:

      @Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart I’m glad you liked the video, I also enjoy them. However, my comment was a response to the initial post mentioning the use of these videos for “explaining complex subjects”. These videos are a nice layman description of complex concepts but they generally come very short on the actual science; which is understandable given the framework. For example, you mentioned having learned how cancer works but in reality you only learned about cell mutation and a theoretical explanation to large mammal cancer suppression. In reality, cancer formation is much more complex than just cell mutation and the theory is one of many that are still being studied and debated.

  19. Quốc Việt Đỗ Phú says:

    In short:
    *”I used the cancer to destroy the cancer.”*

  20. LoadingScreen says:

    “Cancer kills Cancer”
    *Cancerous problems require cancerous solutions*

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