Why Can We See Our Breath When It’s Cold?

Why Can We See Our Breath When It’s Cold?

When the freezing cold temperatures hit outside……why does it affect our breath when we exhale?

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20 Responses

  1. Penand_Paper says:

    In Vancouver, Summer starts February 19 And ends September 19

  2. Raven Colon says:

    Why does the earth revolve around the sun

  3. Dylan Montoute says:

    Why do we use deodorant and other anti perspirants? What if, at the stage
    when we reach puberty we dont use these things and just shave the hair that
    grows under our arms? Would we still have that strong odour when we sweat?

  4. Hunter Jones says:

    How far away are planets, stars, and other things in space away from earth

  5. Tom Ato says:


  6. thecatcovenantdude_Dks says:

    You forgot to mention that the water vapor is caused by cellular
    respiration, and is technically one of the waste products exhaled during
    breathing. So yes it is your breath, well a part of your breath

  7. Ashley Robinson says:

    Why is a standard work week Monday through Friday?

  8. skyback rider says:

    speaking of dragons were did they come form in a manner of speaking 

  9. Charlee Thiên Ly says:

    Hey blacko, why do we sometimes have shivers when we’re listening to music?

  10. Kayla Lerietta says:

    In Calgary it’s hot but windy

  11. thebriculator says:

    why do my headphones crackle when i plug them in?

  12. EnderFaith says:

    Why we get hiccups?

  13. TheAbd1233 says:

    outside its 30 c for me

  14. Kevin Le says:

    You are now breathing manually.

  15. Myles Johnson says:

    Why do we get brain freezes

  16. Sarah Anne says:

    Can you explain moon phases and why theres eclipses?

  17. ThE-ProVic OmgOmg says:


  18. Alltime Numbers says:

    Good question, well answered!

  19. Roman Lindner says:

    The egg if u think about it 

  20. Ryan Lamont says:

    I always wondered about this