Why Disney Is Really Re-Releasing Avengers: Endgame

Why Disney Is Really Re-Releasing Avengers: Endgame

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Avengers: Endgame was the epic culmination of over 20 movies released across more than a decade, earning well over two billion dollars at the global box office. So why would Disney re-release the movie less than two months after its debut? Here are a few reasons.

One big reason why Endgame is getting another push in theaters doesn’t have anything to do with the Avengers at all. It’s another blockbuster that still holds the top spot at the global box office.

In 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar brought in more than $2.7 billion, easily claiming the all-time box office crown with its 3-D, sci-fi spectacle. It’s held on to the record for an entire decade, but that era may be about to meet its end.

The Avengers made a major splash with a record-setting opening, with Endgame becoming the fastest film to ever surpass $2 billion. It eclipsed the entire box office revenue of its predecessor, Infinity War, in just 11 days. But the new movie soon began getting pushed out of theaters by an onslaught of summer blockbusters, leaving it around $43 million shy of the all-time record after two months in theaters.

In hyping up a new release of the movie, it’s clear that Marvel is in it to win it, and this scheme might be just the thing to push the MCU over James Cameron’s otherworldly odyssey.

Watch the video for more about why Disney is really re-releasing Avengers: Endgame!

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Surpassing Avatar | 0:17
Bonus features | 1:15
Teaming up with Spider-Man | 3:07
See such marvels | 3:50
It all comes back to Disney | 4:44

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64 Responses

  1. JJAden J says:

    I love Marvel stuff, and the MCU is all my kid-reading-comic-book fantasies on the silver screen, but this blatant cash grab by the Mouse House really gets under my skin.

    • annoying mage says:

      Money for both

    • Brendan Pelkey says:

      @Gloppin Boopin diffrence is when avatar was released it was 6 months later with 45 minutes of new footage. Unlike endgame which finished its run just a few weeks ago and is only adding in 6 minutes just so they can make more money to outgross avatar because Disney has to have the highest grossing movie ever.

    • Jay Griffis says:

      I’m not sure why I care so much, but I really want Endgame to overtake Avatar. Any other movie and I’d feel the same way.

    • Gloppin Boopin says:

      Brendan Pelkey Disney has had the highest grossing movie ever since they bought Fox so…

    • Ken Schortgen Jr says:

      Seeing as nearly EVERY MOVIE outside of John Wick has bombed expectations so far this summer, why not put back out Endgame.

  2. Jose Revito says:

    *Avengers: Endgame* : getting a rerelease

    *Avatar* : “we’re definitely in the endgame now”

    • Ken Schortgen Jr says:

      @Ki Avatar doesn’t have a cult following. It was a $2 billion worldwide and $780 million domestic. US moviegoers won’t duplicate it now a decade later.

    • Abraham Hernandez says:

      Ken Schortgen Jr I bet you they will

    • jp3813 says:

      @Ken Schortgen Jr Titanic & Avatar didn’t require a cult following to begin with. Here’s a history lesson about James Cameron: With Titanic going over-budget, many insiders expected it to flop at the box office. Instead, it went on to become the highest-grossing film of all time for over a decade. During this time, Cameron took a long break from making non-documentary films. Many blockbusters tried to break Titanic’s record but all failed. Cameron then decided to come back to make Avatar, and many doubted that he will make the same impact at the box office after such a long hiatus. They were wrong, as Avatar took the #1 spot and is still holding onto it for nearly a decade. Cameron then took another hiatus during that time, but now has come back to make only the 3rd sequel in his career. The previous two were Aliens & Terminator 2, both of which are regarded as some of the greatest sequels in the history of cinema. December releases also tend to have stronger legs b/c of less competition as opposed to summer releases. And you think there’s no possibility of him breaking his own record once again?

    • HowlingWolf518 says:

      @jp3813 Depends on how well Avatar 2 does. I don’t doubt James Cameron’s sequel-making ability, but it’s been eleven years – if the second one bombs then so will the other three.

    • John Lindsay says:

      The did that with jurasic park rereleased

  3. Stephen Waterman says:

    I would rather a 4 hour Dir cut than a few extra scenes i can see on Youtube a few days after.

  4. Crow_056 says:

    Why Disney Is Really Re-Releasing Avengers: Endgame:


  5. Chimfwembe Mayovu says:

    Game of thrones can surely learn something about this ?

  6. Simon Dewitt says:

    Secret to making a bajillion dollars.
    Step 1: Hire Zoe Saldana
    Step 2: Paint her some bright color

  7. Dynamo Jr says:

    Me: looper, will you stop making endgame videos?

    Looper: no, i dont think i will

  8. Quron Brunner says:

    They are re-releasing to make more money and beat Avatar by adding on a post credit scene. Make sure to look at other news sources to find out this info because looper is trash. Saved you six minutes.

    • 109Rage says:

      Isn’t that basically what the video said? (Well, minus the money bit, but everyone knows it’s about money…)

  9. Headless Jim says:

    Marvel: First movie with dlc

    Stan Lee in Heaven: Don’t make me come down there you punk!

  10. ppoppicks says:

    If they were releasing the 3 hr 45 min director’s cut, I’d be more interested. No thanks.

    • Nicholas Waninger says:

      Nicholas Orchard not true

    • Prince Ali says:

      Imagine sitting in the theatre for over 4 hours lmao.

      Not many would be down for that, would lose sales. Hardcore fans are fanatics, but the general public has lives.

    • Bryan says:

      @Prince Ali what sales… Everyone already saw the movie. You’d literally be going just for a post credit scene… They’d only get more sales by giving us more content.

    • World of Retro Gameplay says:

      ppoppicks Didn’t you hear the news? Disney will be re-re-releasing the movie every 3 months until it includes every single missing minute of footage.

      Disney: Yes.

      ME: Who TF said you could talk?

  11. Jorge Julio Melembe says:

    DCEU: “I would be glad if I had the second highest grossing movie ever.”

    MCU: “Not us!”

  12. Raul Zazueta says:

    Some people: Can you stop making Endgame videos!?
    Looper: No No i dont think i will

  13. Azad Alam says:

    If you think 6 minutes of new footage will make me go to the cinemas again…


    • dragon queen says:

      You are dumb

    • Geekume says:


    • Yejin Bann says:

      I know! I was like this is stupid… but I know I’m gonna be watching Endgame again when it’s rereleased haha

    • get In It for Truth says:

      @Josh Johnson I wanted to see it a second time because I went to the Premiere and you couldn’t hear a thing; it was an event, thus loud. I saw it again. Now, I wouldn’t mind seeing it in 3d. They have my cash for a third showing, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. Whether the movie deserves praise or not, it can be disconcerting, enjoying something so prolific while a gazillion other people are doing the same thing. I feel a bit guilty, liking — no, loving — this corporate product, so, I understand. But, that’s why it’s a guilty pleasure and in my opinion it’s worthy of a couple twenty dollar bills…The Avengers have my vote.

      I welcome this re-release because the premiere was something I will never forget…just like when my dad took me to the movies in the 80s to see original Batman with Nicholson and Keaton! I would urge folks to take their kids to the re-release indeed! It will be something that many of them will never ever forget, promise

    • scars4all says:

      If you think 6 minutes of new footage will make me go to the cinemas again…


  14. fido says:

    “Why Disney Is Really Re-Releasing Avengers: Endgame”, easy the same reason they forced theaters to have at least one screen dedicated to Captain Marvel.

  15. BW 22 says:

    “Why did you release Avengers endgame again with a credits scene”

    “I like money”

  16. Apocalyptic Destroyer says:

    “Why are they re-releasing Endgame?”

    *Because everyone and their mother knows that Disney is now a monopolistic nazi-esk company in it for the money and greed*

    The end.

  17. Zart says:

    *Endgame* : Gets re-released.

  18. SuperToysSurpriseZ says:

    Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker reaches close to Avatar and Endgame

    Rise of Skywalker gets re-release and adds end credits…

  19. Jaythunder says:

    End Game: Avatar hasn’t fought me!
    Everyone: He has, and you lost…
    End Game: ……He hasn’t fought me twice.

  20. Star Gazing says:

    Endgame: **Re-Releases**


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