Why Do Cameras Do This? (Rolling Shutter Explained) – Smarter Every Day 172

Why Do Cameras Do This? (Rolling Shutter Explained) – Smarter Every Day 172

Behind the Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMJFpj-0ogA
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Behind the Scenes video of Henry and I discussing the Genius After Effects template he made

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Henry’s channel MinutePhysics

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Rolling Shuter Editing/Animations by MH
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Rolling Shutter Math:


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19 Responses

  1. Michael D says:

    Really liking those integrated watermarks

  2. CaCawQrow says:

    Good idea on Water marking your high speed footage!

  3. Shamial Rashid says:

    you can tell this guy’s been fucked over by other people re uploading his videos

  4. Dream Big says:

    Fake, the propeller is a paid actor.

  5. Veritasium says:

    Great work Destin! If this video doesn’t blow up YouTube is seriously busted.

  6. dligac says:

    It’s really smart to put watermarks on the most amazing parts of the video so it doesn’t get stolen
    I don’t think I’ve seen that yet but it’s a great idea

  7. Andy Jones says:

    Can we just take a moment to congratulate whoever edited the writing onto the propeller blades? That must have taken such a long time to do considering it was most likely done on a frame by frame basis. They even got the sun glare spot on. Bravo. 👏👏👏

  8. Luke Stringer says:

    Still not as bad as the 7 News logo 😀

  9. Vincent Wood says:

    How do the guitar string patterns compare to their recorded sound frequency on an oscilloscope?

  10. Mike Alvarez says:

    Change this channel from “Smarter Everyday” to “Smarter Every Month”

  11. Nasal Spray says:

    5:09 the word video is auto tuned

  12. 865MusicByHavoc says:

    Destin, could you explain why you can actually view “The wagon wheel” or “pinwheel” (The phenomenon that makes a spinning object look like it’s slowing down and then it seems to change direction) happening with your bare eyes? Thanks!

  13. malik qasim says:


  14. Rosson91 says:

    Great way to stay ahead of the freebooters with the watermarking!

  15. Ali Ahmed says:

    I took a photo once for a spinning coin and that happened, i won number 1 in college photos gallery ☺️

  16. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Please don’t bring the quality of your content down with those clickbaity thumbnails with arrows and circles..so ridiculous

  17. LeFinMinion says:

    Something weird in the thumbnail.
    Red circle in thumbnail.
    Red arrow in thumbnail.
    Title phrased as a question.

    Clickbait ingredients, but quality content. Nice.

  18. Pearl127 says:

    You outdo yourself.

  19. Carlos Olivo says:

    I really appreciate your videos, and all the different subjects that you cover. I am a 9th grade drop out, and the traditional way of our school system just wasn’t for me. However despite my lack of documented education, I’ve found success in hands on experience. I really would just like to thank you because I really do enjoy getting smarter every day.

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