Why Do We Eat Raw Fish But Not Raw Chicken?

Why Do We Eat Raw Fish But Not Raw Chicken?

We might order fish raw, but why don’t we ever order chicken that way?

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. Solid Banana says:

    why is there raw fish (but not raw chicken) around my anus

  2. Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper says:

    This is not an anus comment!

  3. kurzgesagt in a nutshell says:

    like for ban of solid bannana

  4. Master Therion says:

    So, raw chicken can have salmonella, but raw salmon can’t have chickenella.

  5. alphadawgxx says:

    So, is the reason that countries like Japan eat raw chicken because their animals aren’t kept in the same conditions that american animals are kept in, or does the isolation of being on an island mean they haven’t been exposed to bacteria like e coli? I know there’s raw beef, chicken, and even horse meat in japan and it’s fairly common but food poisoning isn’t common at all

  6. Mr Blue.tit. says:

    because meat eaters are idiots that’s why…. also, anus.

  7. Muzik Bike says:

    At least we don’t eat raw anus. That would be bad.

  8. DerMarmotte says:

    What about steak tartare, which is made with raw minced beef and raw egg yolk? Also, I think in Japan it’s not uncommon to eat raw, or at least “rare” chicken. How are those things possible?

  9. Reuben Tirkey says:

    this is one of the few times I can proudly admit I’m a vegetarian

  10. Andrew Perry says:

    Because in minecraft raw chicken poisons you and raw fish doesn’t

  11. kondzior553 says:

    Fun fact: some Japanese restaurants actually offer chicken sashimi! Those chickens are specifically bred and prepared in a way that minimizes the risk of contracting salmonella from them. I was intrigued by that, but didn’t try it in the end, which I kinda regret now.

  12. akakalliba says:

    As a german I apreciate my ocasional “Mettbrötchen” wich is raw, ground pork with onion in a bread roll. sounds disgusting but sometimes that is exactly what you need…

  13. Twostones00 says:

    Raw fish, still your best source of intestinal parasites.

  14. Cobalt Pyre says:

    Chicken sashimi is an actual thing.

  15. DeliciousDishes says:

    So how can most of germany eat raw pig/cow meat and get away with it safely?

  16. vejen V says:


  17. venticle v says:

    who is we? because i know that i dont eat raw anything

  18. laurababyseal laura says:

    Flukeworms…hrrr? Makes me think about that giant flukeworm on the X-files.

  19. flblbl says:

    Lots of people eat raw ground beef and don’t get sick, chill for a sec.

  20. Abdullah Saleh says:

    and thats why muslims dont eat pork. Your welcoms

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