Why Do We Get Freckles?

Why Do We Get Freckles?

Your parents may have told you that every freckle on your face was a kiss from an angel, but SciShow is here to ruin that delusion for you.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. Vel0city says:

    We Dutchies call them, when directly translated, “Rusty ends of steel

    I know, we’re badasses.

  2. Stephanie D'Souza says:

    loved this

  3. sabrina ahmed says:

    How is milia created and how do you prevent it

  4. Magic Dragon says:

    totally unrelated but how fast do germs spread. depending on size or mass
    also what is in contact with said germ.

  5. thecreatorofthedark says:

    Why aren’t all animals omnivores? From what people explain to me and what
    I’ve learned it’s better for servival to not be picky so why aren’t all
    animals omnivores?

  6. PlainDICE says:

    So, how about black people? Are their skins a big ass freckle, or they just
    have tiny bit freckles that we can’t see?

  7. Gyrre says:

    So what about us folks with an inordinate amount of moles (that aren’t

  8. WARGASM180X says:

    one quater of one of my eyes is brown while the rest are green. What could
    cause that

  9. EJH JSH says:


    wait this isnt an original joke

  10. DJPelio says:

    why does UV light reflect blue on some white surfaces and purple on other
    white surfaces?

  11. new2utube 11 says:

    Why does my hand hurt after I finish writing a test?

  12. argella1300 says:

    Hank didn’t mention this but PLEASE keep an eye on your freckles and moles,
    especially new ones that appear as you age. If they’re suddenly bigger than
    6mm (about the size of a pencil eraser), have an irregular border, change
    color, or have an inconsistent color, get it checked by a doctor as soon as
    you can. I cannot stress this enough, cancer sucks, and while it’s awesome
    that we’ve managed to turn most cancers from a terminal illness into
    chronic illnesses, early intervention is still key. Source: both my dad’s
    parents died from cancer; my grandfather from lung cancer and my
    grandmother from breast cancer.

  13. Maja Olsen says:

    Freckles are so pretty!

  14. Lucija Krsticevic says:

    SciShow , a show that teaches you more about what we dont know, than about
    what we do know…

  15. FlameJackstar says:


    They don’t look like scars from tiny stabs.

  16. Art Of Warring says:


  17. Javier Sánchez says:

    where does the tradition of eating 3 meals a day come from? do we need
    three of them? why not 4 smaller or 5 even smaller

  18. Mistergamer9892 says:

    Eumelanin master race!

  19. Miguel Ângelo says:

    Why do we have pairs of certain organs (lungs and kidneys, for example)
    but only one heart, stomach, pâncreas, spleen etc?

  20. TiagoNomad says:

    What about moles?