Why Do We Laugh?

Why Do We Laugh?

Several jokes were harmed in the making of this video
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Laughing is a universal human behavior, one that transcends borders of language and culture. But it’s also REALLY WEIRD. Why do we do it? The answer has less to do with humor than you might think.

Learn more:
“Laughter: A Scientific Investigation” by Robert Provine http://amzn.to/1fzZQLy

“Ha! The Science of When We Laugh and Why” by Scott Weems http://amzn.to/1etLLyv

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20 Responses

  1. RogerRoids says:

    What is the neural process of laughter though? Do we have any understanding
    of it?

  2. Sientanicia Thomas says:

    Ok +Emmy &Art​

  3. TapN2thisBliss • Montillia says:

    Yes +Emmy &Art​ answer my homie. Lol yo…..

  4. Emmy &Art says:

    +TapN2thisBliss • Montillia suureee

  5. Filmmaker IQ says:

    Why Do We Laugh?

  6. Ashley Woodfall says:

    “Laughter is about bonding, not humour…”

  7. VickytheCultLeader says:


  8. Charls Cheese says:

    What? You didn’t even answer the question 

  9. Alyssa Adler says:

    Whenever I watch these types of videos I always end up leaving with more
    knowledge but feeling a bit depressed. It’s really weird and strange and
    nothing is the same anymore and I hate everyone.

  10. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Why do we laugh? What else are you supposed to do when an old person falls
    down the stairs? It’s the only option in certain cases.

  11. Tyler Sage says:

    why do we fart?

  12. The Goodly Dragon says:

    How do you explain the phenomena of laughing out loud at a joke you just
    read in text when nobody is present?

  13. rod14101 says:

    Soooooo… why do we laugh?

  14. Cesia18Wind says:

    This was interesting. I have a habit were most of my responses are laughter
    and I can’t really explain it. My sister thinks I making fun of her or
    internally calling her stupid or something. But I agree, that its something
    more like saying I like that. Also, I have laughing fits all the time how
    come they don’t spread to my family? Like I was suddenly laughing in a
    restaurant once, no idea why, and nobody else laughed with me?

  15. mrmarathon21 says:

    False, the girl did not laugh for 16 days straight. That is impossible and
    this video is stupid.

  16. spidaminida says:

    “It’s a laugh innit?”
    “The sound you make in the back of your throat when you heard a joke.”

  17. Farpful says:

    anyone else thought that you laugh because you learn something? like when
    you learn that your armpits are vulnerable by getting tickled. or knock
    knock, whoes there? then, bam an unexpected outcome and you laugh

  18. Russell Nguyen says:

    Do a video on Kepler-452B now! 😀 (thumbs up)

  19. Jay Lacky says:

    Have you ever thought how much more evil we are than some animals? those
    chimps and rats..how many have we befriended then murdered over the years?
    Lions kill for sport and territory sometimes when they aren’t hungry, so
    we aren’t the only mammals that kill for sport, but most do not. As good
    as we think we are, we are up there with the worst. Not to say monkeys in
    the wild don’t kill each other over important arguments, but how many other
    animals befriend an animal, then end up killing it for experiments or
    sport. Mankind is more corrupt than most the animals.

  20. Max Rawdon says:

    I still don’t know why we laugh I just know that we do and it’s social