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  1. Bibbidi says:

    I kinda like the strokes and different shades, but overall it isn’t my favorite. I think the black outline is whats somewhat throwing me off, though I do like the outside the line coloring aesthetic generally, not so much here. I think filling the dead space in with smaller hearts without the black outline would make it look pretty cute, or some other details maybe to further bring the pink aesthetic together a little more? Like if the check mark (on the upper heel of the shoe) was pink, or soft rim was pink, or the bottom shoe lining was that color too?

    I like a lot of the others and your videos overall though! I’m unsure why you get any hate, really, half of me wants to try it.

  2. Dee Tee says:

    Tbh the dye jobs are good the painting is what needs work but that will come with experience..you’ll look back and think they were bad too as you get better 👍🏾 …I’d say test out your color combos and designs on a piece of paper before you apply paint and design

  3. PainedCannonGaming says:

    Yeah but you gotta respect the man from literally making money from out of near nothing/scraps or leftovers.he’s reinventing the way normal people customize shoes. Coming up with any idea that’s original is extremely hard. And he’s done that. Y’all blow up videos of people wasting ketchup and stuff. But don’t take any time to appreciate the artists eye and thoughts. And who cares if he’s confidential about what nba players buy his sneakers. At least he’s getting enough attention to be able to do that. So don’t hate on a man who broke his back just to get here. Because y’all only see now. Not the hard work he did to get where he’s at.

    • Matt R says:

      @PainedCannonGaming He isn’t making shoes for NBA players. I don’t require proof. Common sense is all I really need. You know when you have to make these highly unlikely excuses for something to fit it’s probably not likely. “What if they were worried the media and special interest groups were going to attack them because of their love for coffee shoes.” What are you even talking about.

    • FateAndFurie says:

      @PainedCannonGaming Listen I’m neither an NBA player nor rich but I wouldn’t buy these customs myself. They are low quality. His customs have a lot of issues with inconsistent coloring, poor artwork and linework, awkward looking stitching and tags from bad jobs. I would feel silly wearing poorly made customs, and I’m not even famous. You can find better and genuinely talented custom shoe makers all over the internet, IG, Etsy, and plenty of other sites are crawling with them. This guy is a casual hobbyist at best, it’s like watching a kid do arts and crafts. That’s why people don’t like him, because he lies like he’s selling poorly done products to people in the NBA and high profile people. If he was honest and just said he was doing it for fun, he probably wouldn’t get nearly as much hate

    • PainedCannonGaming says:

      @Matt R for one your not going to focus on one thing I’ve said and try to present that as that’s the only thing I’ve said, I’ve provided an avenue of reasonings. NBA players have been shamed over a Doo Rag before. Try wearing coffee soaked shoes and see how 1.5mil people will give their harsh or optimistic opinions.

      But since you don’t get it I’ll put you in their shoes.
      Your LeBron
      You just stumbled across this channel, you think some of the shoes are cool, and some need improvement.
      So you email him to get a pair of your own.
      After reading the comments on most of these videos, you could be embarrassed to say where you got them from. Because the same people calling the video creator trash, are now going to hate on you calling you trash and whatnot. I’m explaining the concept of haters and Internet Trolls, and no matter where you go they are there. So I’d want to be anonymous if it prevented any possible inconvenience for me.

      You gotta think lebron cant just go get milk from Walmart like a regular guy. But sometimes instead of being apart of PR and Media attention 24/7. They just like us, want to do regular people things. Like shop, being able to eat out, etc.

    • Matt R says:

      @PainedCannonGaming I fully understand what you’re saying, doesn’t mean it makes sense. Even other people here are trying to tell you he’s being dishonest and it only takes common sense to see it. For some reason you still want to think you’re the right one in the room. My guy, nba players aren’t buying these shoes. Why? Because they suuuck. NBA players don’t buy $200 custom shoes. They buy $2000 custom shoes that actually look good. If he portrayed himself for real instead of constant cap he wouldn’t get the gate he gets.

    • Matt R says:

      @PainedCannonGaming this guy saying Lebron bought his shoes isn’t going to bring him media. Or if it does it’s 1/1,000,000th of what he already gets. What does milk at Walmart have to do with buying shoes online? It’s not even close to the same comparison. Just stop.

  4. Sara C says:

    Part of it is that normally on shorts you can click “do not recommend channel” when you see a video from a channel you don’t like their content. But for some reason that option is never available on your videos. So by the time they see even a second of the video, YouTube marks it as “fully watched” and then will recommend more in their shorts feed. It becomes a feedback loop where the people who don’t care to watch your content and inundated with it. The small things that might be annoying or not their style, get exacerbated into big problems for them because there is just no reprieve or any way to indicate they don’t want to see it.

    Dislikes don’t do anything anymore so like… they can’t do shit about it and are just stuck watching content they don’t care for because even swiping past it will mark it as fully watched and perpetually continue the cycle. It breaks up the flow of watching a shorts feed they like, and that kind of interruption often causes hostility or aggravation as a behavioral response. Which works in your favour cause all the negative interaction only boosts your video more, but yeah. If you were wondering why it seems like everyone watching just hates the videos that’s why.

    • TheDeafAndBlindPotato says:

      Bro made a whole essay from a 1 min short lol respect

    • Sara C says:

      @TheDeafAndBlindPotato if you read it out loud it takes less than 60 seconds sooo 😂

    • CT Hubbard says:

      No you cant just click do not recommend if you’re just scrolling on YouTube shorts.

    • Sara C says:

      @CT Hubbard I have for other videos in my shorts feed though that’s the thing

      *or at least I used to be able to. Like as of last week. Was there a new update or something cause it was a helpful feature to have

    • Neo Bowler says:

      For me that’s the worst thing about Shorts. Not being able to flag “Do not recommend channel” or “Not interested”, this helps YouTube to recommend better for my taste, but I’m sure YouTube loses from such option.
      Anyway, I appreciate your long answer, and I completely agree.

  5. spadesTheGhost says:

    Man I love your vids bro. All of the shoes you make are absolutely fire dude. Keep it up bro. Don’t let the haters bring you down.

  6. Austin Radick says:

    People just dont like that your successful when your shoe designs aren’t the best but thats not me hating. You do better than 99% of the people talking sh*t could do. Keep doing you bro! Dont let the hate get you down!

  7. Journ1s Journ1scool says:

    Your sneakers are really great and I love them. Looking at your videos make me smile and the creativity that you give off really does get me interested in your great videos 😍🥰😘

  8. LIU WEIJIA S1-11 says:

    Guys tell me if I’m wrong but this guy is playing a huge prank on all of us.

    He’s just a guy who has lots of shoes and time and thought of a good way to use them to become popular. He’s enjoying himself tho so honestly who cares

  9. Veronica mastronardi says:

    Who cares if people are being mean! You’re creating and As you create you are learning more and more! While you learn and perfect your craft and those who are wasting their lives hating on you will not be perfecting a craft of their own!

  10. SegaNaLeqa says:

    You’re the only customer sneaker person I watch. I’m not into the whole sneaker thing, but I like your videos and you give off good energy in my opinion. ^^

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