Why Do You Forget Their Name?

Why Do You Forget Their Name?

Why is it so hard to remember someone’s name?
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20 Responses

  1. Haley Williams says:

    your brain on birth control? when you are actually sexually active and also
    when you trying to regulate hormones? 

  2. Im not a cop says:

    Did anyone else think “SLIK-A-SLIKA-A-SLIM SHADY!” when they saw the
    thumbnail of the video?

  3. Suger Star says:

    I don’t really ever forget someone’s name

  4. Anthony Gonzales says:

    Which is better ? Apple or android

  5. Sriharsha Madala says:

    Does drinking from a copper cup actually have health benefits?

  6. awsomeboxhead says:

    Honestly me and my friends hardly ever say each other’s names. We just call
    each other fella, dude, man, and dipshit.

  7. Javi G says:

    What tells our brain a girl is attractive ? 

  8. Ruudsch Ma' Hinda says:

    When someone new tells me their name, I allways repeat it out loud, then
    say “cool” or something similar and introduce myself with “Hi insert new
    name here I am -insert own name here.” And if there is a small new group of
    people after I actively tried to memorize their names, I go at least once
    around the group repeating their names while pointing at them.
    This has always been deemed “cute”, “adorable” and other positive things,
    but never negative, because I put an effort into memorizing their names and
    that puts me in a very positive light making it easy for them to remember
    my name by what I did and what they felt because of it. And it makes asking
    for their names that much less uncomfortable since I already showed them I
    might have problems remembering their names (somebody who puts that much
    effort into memorizing my name must have problems with memorizing new
    names, so of course it is ok if he asks for my name again or mistakes it
    for another name in a few minutes)
    win – win 🙂

    now let’s see what your tips are…

  9. Ashleigh-L says:

    Well, you could just take them to Starbucks?

  10. InfiniteLines says:

    Hey I love your videos! I was wondering if you can do one on helpful ways
    to study for an exam because I am really good at everything else in class
    except when it comes to tests, which make up a majority of the grade for my
    class. Help! College finals are coming up!

  11. Marino Santoro says:

    This is perfect timing! I’m currently writing an essay about memory for a
    state test!

  12. Ferman Sensei says:

    This is not a huge problem in other cultures with other languages, like
    Japanese, where names have meanings that are related to the Kanjis they are
    spelled with. Usually people explain how their name is written and
    therefore you can understand the meaning of their name, making it easier to

  13. Brittany Douthit says:

    and even years later without talking and ill remember their name and theyll
    be creeped out -.-

  14. Kevin Uchiha says:

    chicka chicka slim shady

  15. Richard Tran says:

    Why are black people born with rhythm and groove? Black churches never clap
    off beat.

  16. dominik 93 says:

    me, fo exampel, i am much more likely to recodnise people that i met once
    or twice by there voice, not by face. same goes with actors in movies.
    could you please do a video on diferent tipes of memory? (sorry for bad

  17. Gabri- ella says:

    Yeah i don’t even see much of a point SOMETIMES. I mean i don’t even know
    one person’s name from this class that I’m 3 months into. 

  18. !PlatypusDude! says:

    Names doesn’t hold informations—–
    Unless you are Elvis or Obama

  19. Jianne Irah says:

    The voice is relaxing.

  20. Emmyxo says:

    Could you make a timelapse in drawing from the creation of earth to the
    presents? Like could you add like when people came in, animals and etc.