Why Does Alcohol Burn When You Drink It?

Why Does Alcohol Burn When You Drink It?

Why does alcohol cause that burning sensation on its way down?

Why Does Spicy Taste ‘Hot’ and Minty Taste ‘Cool’? https://youtu.be/gwUN8XK3ZO8

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. Lara Schilling says:

    There was this one incident where I did a shot of not quite properly
    extinguished Absinthe. 60% alcohol still on fire. Now that burned, and a
    lesson was learned.

  2. NoisyThought says:

    … Because you’re a pussy ?

  3. DerpStar says:

    Explains why I can never have a bourbon when I eat chili pizza

  4. TheY2T says:

    Totally using that as a cheesy pickup line. “Is the booze hot? or is that
    just you?”

  5. Blaze fp says:

    In Porto there’s one bar that serves a shot called “Sangue do Diabo”
    (Devil’s blood) which is actually a double shot of absinthe with a bit of
    some sort of pepper juice/cocktail and red dye.
    So from what I understood this shot makes your tongue and throat more
    sensitive to heat with the absinthe and at the same time tricks it into
    feeling like it’s on fire with the pepper juice… Pretty much sums up the
    experience of drinking it yeah

  6. Life Shooter says:

    Is it bad this made me want a drink?

  7. BlueBeamProductions says:

    awww that’s so nice of you :D

  8. DCreed013 says:

    …Great show, but now I feel like I spent a minute and a half listening to
    the set up for a nerdy pick-up line.

  9. Jule Caesara says:

    An unusual sight – a Hank mammal in the Sci-Show environment, but without
    the specific formal shirts it usually wears here.

  10. Bla Balbabla says:

    this guy must be awesome at party

  11. AngryFrenchKanadian says:

    Oh, I guess that explain why you should drink vodka chilled.

  12. Szznt says:

    So booze really does make people think they’re hotter than they actually

  13. Leonardo Orlando de Castro says:

    SciShow, You’re Awesome for using metric system <3

  14. Neopetixan says:

    why does any other drink (sprite/cola/pepsi) burns more than alcohol for

  15. Đenz Kilonzo says:

    Lol so drinking alcohol will make me hot…

  16. pacnite says:

    I have a question: Why does America keep bombing brown people?

  17. Fry yrf says:

    ok, but what happens when you drink alcohol and than eat a chilli?
    Or Chilli with ethanol in it?
    Does it get hotter or does capsaicin lose his activity because the
    receptors are occupied with ethanol? Or the polar group of ethanol is not
    as strong as the polar group of the capsaicin…
    Or doesn’t it work that way? (I’m not so familiar with biochemistry…)

  18. Lucas A. Alencar says:

    Nice! Good vídeo! Talk about science of possession. Cheers.

  19. Isaiah Fry says:

    it’s poison and your body doesn’t want it.

  20. Sahnoune Khaled says:

    i dont understand what is fancied people to alcohol drinks its harm your
    health ans lose tour brain like drinking poison why drug are illegal ans
    bad and alcohol arent and they have the dame harmful effect