Why Does Garlic Ruin Dates?

Why Does Garlic Ruin Dates?

So you went to a nice Italian restaurant for your dinner date and now your entire body reeks of garlic. What is this treachery?

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. Nicholas Blake says:

    It’s an aphrodisiac so yea I you might have stinky breathe, but that’s what
    gum is for so it worth it

  2. chairshoe81 says:

    i dont really get garlic breath

  3. Erika Joy says:

    I think garlic smells delicious, and I’ve never noticed any lingering smell
    on myself or anyone else. Onion breath, on the other hand, is less

  4. Ichithix says:

    Date other garlic eaters, boom, problem solved.

  5. Amanda Matherne says:

    I think garlic smells really good but not in people’s breath

  6. Scattered Dreams XIV says:

    I’m a young adult and I finally had my first date….seriously, why is the
    fruit so underrated?

  7. Joe Weatherford says:

    I remember eating a Sicilian pizza on a Friday once. That Sunday, my
    grandmother complained about how I smelled like garlic.

  8. douglas walker says:

    AM I THE ONLY HUMAN ON EARTH WHO DOES not BELIEVE in the dating system as
    well as none religious true virgin partnership for life? we live in slut
    whore society. slut is defined as having more then one sexual partner
    encounter. Majority of humans hate me when i reveal my ideology. i hate
    make up hair dye perfume axe people who drink whisky beer most alcohols.
    smoke vape drugs tobbaco pot. mathematically their women for everyone. Yet
    most women don’t have free will in about 20 countries i found so far.

  9. thekingofswing 1 says:

    What is the science behind phantom pains?

  10. Keila Fleischbein says:

    Garlic ruins dates because you’re dating a loser who eats banana bread.

  11. BUNGIE halo says:

    Wait what happened to that other guy?

  12. 9 ToedSloth says:


  13. Reala728 says:

    dont care. still worth it.

  14. dixie carp catchers says:

    When I drink coffee my pee smells stronger than the coffee did any one know
    if it’s killing me ?

  15. Peter Chabanowich says:

    Intolerance on this level is karmic. Go ahead. Don’t suffer.

  16. Netbug009 says:

    #Non-ItalianProblems :P

  17. Rebecca G. says:

    I do enjoy kissing people, so I appreciate this video Thanks bruhs.

  18. Space Cowboy says:

    My girl friend says my cum tastes like garlic when I eat lots of garlic.
    She says she sorta of likes the added flavor

  19. Le monickous says:

    In our culture, garlic is used so frequently that we’ve just gotten used to
    it. We don’t find its smell repulsive after other people eating it. I view
    this as a profit.

  20. DoNotCare says:

    The last time I was this late, UK left the EU