Why does this useless Minecraft item exist?

Why does this useless Minecraft item exist?

Mojang just added their newest mob to Minecraft and it’s adorable! It’s called the Allay and it picks up and drops items!

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58 Responses

  1. BL8Z says:

    “Almost everything added to minecraft has a reason to exist”

    Bats – are you challenging me?

  2. Gray Scale says:

    “Almost everything added to minecraft has reason to exist”
    Damn I wish I were a minecraft feature

  3. Euhaydes J. Guartero says:

    Actually, I remember when the horn makes goats follow you.

  4. Deepseagoblin says:

    “I think it will be used to stun the warden”
    Mojang: Write that down, write that down

  5. Luxus • says:

    This is predicated on an entirely false belief. Mojang devs have explicitly said in interviews that they do add items with little to no uses because it’s good game design sometimes. Somethings aren’t meant to be used. Case in point the poisonous potato. They very explicitly have done this and just continue to do things that have little to no use just because it adds charm to the game.

    • Lillian Eve says:

      @Luxus •Hot take, I find a Wooden Door to be more charming than a bad Potato. I find caves to be more annoying to trek through because of Bats than I enjoy the inclusion of Bats. Charm is nice and all, but Items that do jackshit are less charming to me than a simple Item with a simple purpose. And if it’s actively taking away from my experience then maybe there’s something wrong here.

    • Luxus • says:

      @Lillian Eve just gonna be honest, charm > functionality. The most memorable games have charm as the prio. You’re just gonna have to take an L here.

    • Lillian Eve says:

      Maybe that’s a bad model? And should be changed? It adds charm, maybe, but it’s mostly a nuisance. Goats only have one drop, and it’s Goat Horns, which can’t even be obtained from killing them. If Goat Horns remain useless, the entire addition of Goats become pointless. People will go “ooh goats, cool!” and forget they exist seconds later. Items like Poisonous Potatoes and Heads don’t serve any functional purpose, and Heads barely serve a decorative one. They just fill up space and are underwhelming rewards for obtaining them. Bats are just annoying. They have a tiny chance to scare players and then they run around and stay a nuisance until they stupidly fly into Lava, and they’re hard to hit.

      Every inclusion should have a use. The number of obsolete or flat out pointless Items and Mojang’s insistence that a waste of space is good really urks me and is one of the three reasons I don’t enjoy Minecraft anymore.

    • Luxus • says:

      @Sauce satan no they explicitly said in interviews it dosent have a purrpose.

    • Sauce satan says:

      @Luxus • bats are there to tell the player theres a cave nearby, annoy you (of course), give an ambience for caves, and finally the newest and most useful reason for bats is to distract the warden away from you.

  6. Meatball Man says:

    “Almost everything added to minecraft has a reason to exist”
    Damn i guess that fletching table could help make a house

    • Sauce satan says:

      @Kiel Pogi no, it exists to slow down potato production.

    • arandom person13 says:

      @NoobWithNoSkill [GD] subreddit were people post pictures of others just completely missing the joke e.g a picture of an ocean saying look at this submarine race and someone just going there’s nothing there

      Hope that helps

    • NoobWithNoSkill [GD] says:

      @Rosaria McDonald i dont know what is woooosh.
      At this point, im too afraid to ask.

    • Toast says:

      @XVII it is used for nothing only reason to ever use one is for an achievement which requires the player to eat every type of food atleast once

      so it doesnt have any uses unless you have no other food alternatives and even then it probably isnt worth eating because (unless you are at half a heart) you will gain less hearts than gain

    • XVII says:

      @Kiel Pogi No use even for POTIONS?

  7. ジェームス・ライ says:

    The viliger: Have Mercy Mojang

    Mojang: *Peace was never an option*

  8. sumrandomdood says:

    The horn also has a cooldown time, like the ender pearl and chorus fruit, I can’t come up with a function but it could be an important clue

  9. Luís Mota says:

    There is another theory where it would basically start a raid but instead of you being the hero you are the pillager

  10. Mt. Core says:

    “Until Mojang adds more functionality” so 3 years from now?

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