Why Does Your Breath Stink in the Morning?

Why Does Your Breath Stink in the Morning?

At night, your mouth becomes the perfect home for growing bacteria. Forgive us if we don’t talk to you until after you brush your teeth.
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19 Responses

  1. splint1872012 says:

    since time slows down the faster you move, could the Big Bang have happened
    five minutes ago but from our perspective it happened billions of years

  2. Bridgette L. says:

    mine doesn’t.

  3. Ahmad Salous says:

    I have a question: Where does your natural scent come from?

  4. VIIflegias says:

    i have to ask this: do americans brush their teeth before going to bed?
    i ask this because i recently learnt that in america brushing your teeth
    before but not after breakfast is a thing and i want to make sure it
    doesn’t get any odder than that.

    • LimitlessFilm Pro says:

      +VIIflegias im pretty sure its up to every individual living in America. im
      sure some brush there teeth while on the toilet

    • VIIflegias says:

      +heba30003 interesting…so, as far as i understand, the brushing motion
      can remove enamel faster after breakfast because of the risen acidity.
      well, i didn’t think of that.
      however i still want to clean my teeth from the residuals. so, 3 times a
      day then…great.

  5. KnitsAndNerdy says:

    If anyone here is attending VidCon and wants a pass for Scishow host
    Michael Aranda, I have one that I’m willing to trade for a Rhett and Link
    pass. Comment here and we’ll work something out.

  6. Saphire Linkerman says:

    I didn’t want to sleep anyways

  7. Nepraktický člověk says:

    Amazing! :D

  8. Ski4allday says:

    Why do you see black heat waves in the distance on hot pavement but
    disappear when you approach them? 

  9. CelesteofOz says:

    …now to bed, to breed my minions
    I thought hydrogen sulphide was pretty toxic…?

  10. Sonya Dunn says:

    +Emily Kelley I don’t know about the spots, but the different color is
    because the orange ladybugs are male and the red ladybugs are female, I do

  11. sandesh shetty says:

    Why does water becomes tasteless when we boil it?

  12. TheWorldOfAwsomeGeeksInfo says:

    My god, I thought I had intestinal problems, and was about to go to a
    doctor, Thanks for the save!

  13. Mason Fisher says:

    Why can dogs hear and smell better then us

  14. koffieslikkersenior says:

    The real question is: can you prevent it?

  15. Anne Hdz says:

    Now you get why kissing is gross

  16. LimitlessFilm Pro says:


  17. Greer Fried says:

    @0:18 Ooh YAY!