Why Doesn’t YouTube Explain Anything?!

Why Doesn’t YouTube Explain Anything?!

YouTube is messing up people’s channels and this is my understanding why

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20 Responses

  1. Ali Harmsworth says:

    Youtube is messed up.

  2. justOnerandomguy says:

    Lesson Learned: use BL0WJ03, R4P3, and DR0G5 instead of blowjob, rape, and

  3. Matic Omahen says:

    Now pornhub is probably going to star deleting channels that upload sexual

  4. Offxcial Wonn says:

    Youtube Did 9/11…

  5. Hasorane says:

    So if someone started a channel about suicide prevention dedicated to
    helping people NOT commit suicide, they’re going to receive less benefits
    than someone playing Minecraft.
    Nice one, YouTube

  6. Angry Foreigner says:

    Im sick of YouTube. You pour days into making a video and the site
    basically combats you and make sure you don’t reach out to people. It’s
    ridiculous. We need an alternative. Someone needs to copy YouTubes layout
    but actually give a shit about freedom of expression

  7. Sparki says:

    I am just going to say these two words:
    Hugh Mungus

  8. Theodor Butters says:

    Advice for YouTube :
    -Try to have real people help creators instead of having them handled by
    bots and a tech support junkie somewhere that makes $3.70 an hour sexting
    his girlfriend…
    -Your guildlines are too vague. They do more harm then good.
    -Try to keep censors*ip at a minimum. Nobody cares if some Gay Retard got
    offended on the internet because we put the right to free speech above
    someone’s feelings.
    So basically you have to get your shit together, have REAL tech support,
    and let the audience determine if a video is worth their attention. YouTube
    is too big to be managed by some team of left-wing hipsters in California.
    Let the community decide for fucks sake…

  9. bustin nuts says:

    i think the owners of youtube is being held hostage by isis, this is all
    just a call for help.

  10. 0 Subscribers says:

    When are we going to start calling it what it is? Far left SJW’s have
    infiltrated the media industry.

  11. Vidnog says:

    This is all leafy’s fault

  12. Toast4tw says:

    The fact that you can’t even make a video with words like “Fuck” “Sex”
    “Dicks” etc. in the title tells you everything you need to know about
    YouTube and censorship.

  13. ChiefR96 says:

    Sucks because the actual news makes its money off nothing but murder,
    suicide, and rape stories but they don’t lose their network money.

  14. GUTTER says:

    i hope FilthyFrank won’t be affected.

  15. John Pagulayan says:

    I know this is bad, but what are they gonna do about, Hugh Munghus, the man
    who sexually harassed that woman?

  16. Rishabh Singh says:

    Internet is my safe space 🙂

    – SJW

  17. Le Fishy says:

    “no more controversial subjects like war” so no more videos on metal gear
    solid, act of war, universe at war, warcraft, starcraft, dune, warhammer,
    halo, battlefield, call of duty, half life, unreal, battlezone,
    elderscrolls, fallout, populous, simant, splatoon, zelda, red baron,
    stronghold, star wars, command and conquer, 8 bit armies, grey goo, defcon,
    ghost recon, ultimate general gettysburg, achtung panzer 1943, total war,
    xcom, xenonaughts, civilization, age of mythology, lord of the rings,
    blitzkreig, cossacks, mount and blade, aliens vs predator, wings!, covert
    action, imperial glory, caesar, empire earth, age of empires, total
    annihilation, dungeon keeper, war for the overworld, faster than light,
    hind, panzer elite, b-17bomber, b-17-flying fortress, panzer general, world
    war 2 online, masters of orion, team fortress, deus ex, star trek,
    commandos, star control, quake, wolfenstein, red faction, this war of mine,
    reus, galactic civilizations, rune, enemy engaged, crusader kings, hearts
    of iron, medal of honor, steel battalion, mercenaries, soldier of fortune,
    ravenfield, ARMA, cortex command, planetside, sins of a solar empire,
    armored fist, company of heroes, iron grip warlord, majesty, red orchestra,
    and men of war?

  18. Ms. Fortune says:

    The good news is there will be no more pranks gone sexual

  19. RazorGamezHD says:

    They need some papa johns

  20. MrSmith305 says:

    Hope they don’t start messing with the 30cents a Day I make off Youtube,