Why Dogs Are Amazing (Animation)

Why Dogs Are Amazing (Animation)

I recorded this audio while I was sick so ignore that.
I decided to make a short video because the next one might take me a while and I didn’t want y’all to go a month without content.

I use Clip Studio Paint to draw the frames and I edit them together in Premiere Pro and I draw on a Surface Pro 4!
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49 Responses

  1. Katzun says:

    I recorded this audio while I was sick so ignore that (plus I was obviously sad so I apologize for sounding lackluster).
    I decided to make a short video because the next one might take me a while and I didn’t want y’all to go a month without content.

  2. Gabby The Awesome says:

    Your dog looked AMAZING. I can tell you took such good care of him, Kat ❤️

  3. Tropical Memes says:

    why did you put down your dog?

  4. SilverBolt Folf says:

    I know how you feel. When I was about 3, maybe 4, my grandma had a purebred dachshund named Chip. I don’t really remember him, but I remember crying my eyes out when I heard he died, in my grandmothers’ arms, no less. Also, when I was probably about 6-7 I, well not me, but my grandfather had a Maine Coon Cat named Harry. Now this cat was 18 years old when the vet put him down. I feel like it was my fault that he didn’t die naturally because I saw him bleeding from his gums one day. Fast forward a couple days and when my grandpa pulled up to the house and I asked him where Harry was, and he said that Harry had to be put to sleep, that he was gone. Forever. The pain and sorrow I felt that night still remain with me, and it also doesn’t help that said grandfather passed away a few months ago, which brought back so many happy, yet now painful memories. I’m sorry for such a long comment, I’m just venting. But, I am truly sorry for your loss, my condolences Kat. God bless you, and merry Christmas.

    • swirlixpuff says:

      SilverBolt Folf I am so sorry for your losses. They will be happy in heaven together. I have been there

    • IceRiver1020 says:

      SilverBolt Folf There’s no need to feel bad that Harry didn’t die naturally, getting a shot from the vet is usually a more peaceful way for them to go. I’m sorry for your losses, I lost my dog on the 8th so I have so much empathy for Katzun right now

    • Γεωργία Ζαχαροπούλου says:

      Holy Crap Kat……l very sorry you Dog, r.i.p Colt the dog… is want Geart dog…. And love Dogs l little sadess ready now❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????????????????????????

  5. Brianna Espindola Meneses says:

    Im so sorry Kat!!?? it broke my heart when the video finished

  6. Harmony Pitt says:

    I love dogs
    dogs are the best
    after horses
    but i love dogs

  7. Ruthie woof says:


  8. k ä y l e i g h says:

    a tutorial on dog barks
    big doggie : *boof*
    medium doggie : *bork*
    small doggie : *yap*

  9. BeccaBear says:

    I’m gonna go hug my dog

    Rest in tranquility sweet pupper

  10. The Owl God 117 says:

    Wow, you were sick i couldn’t notice at all

    I guess you are just that amazing

  11. WinterChains says:

    Your borks will forever live on in Heaven with Gabe the dog, may you both bork in peace, in harmony, together.

  12. Skye'z Art says:

    Now I’m gonna go hug my dog.

  13. Fabian Villegas says:

    R.I.P. Colt the bullet horse! My grievances cat…

  14. Aileen contreras says:

    It was really short ,but cute, sad, and understanding

    Rest in puppers Colt :3

  15. petite lulu says:

    #31 on trending

  16. ಥ_ಥ says:

    Bork in heaven sweet doggo, you are missed?

  17. Kaitlyn Shoup says:


  18. Maji Productions says:

    I have a German shepherd named Tank, and he is the sweetest baby, desipite being almost as big as my little brother who is almost 9 years old! I’m sorry about your pupper, I lost my red mixed breed pupper Yoda. She was having seizures and was sick and miserable, so we put her down. 🙁

  19. shgurr says:

    RIP colt ;0;

    He was a good boy

  20. simina cadar says:

    I know how it feels. Belive me. It’s awful. When i lost my puppy, i wasn’t able to go to school or eat for a few days…

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