Why don’t humans have a mating season? – Big Questions – (Ep. 23)

Why don’t humans have a mating season? – Big Questions – (Ep. 23)

A weekly show where we endeavor to answer one of your big questions. This week, “piano trumpet” asks, “Why don’t humans have a mating season like most animals?”

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20 Responses

  1. laVelle Courtney says:

    Its called valentines day

  2. Hannah T says:

    Piano trumpet? Never heard of such a thing. Every trumpet I know plays at
    least fortissimo.

  3. Real.Piece.Of.Work says:

    A man approaches a woman in a club and asks if she would like to come back
    to his place. She replies “i’m on my menstrual cycle” and he says “thats
    okay you can follow me on my scooter” 

  4. Syed Azman says:

    Winter and Summer? You people thinks that there are only Northern and
    Southern Hemisphere on Earth. What about the people living in the Equator?
    No Summer and Winter there.

  5. digitalblasphemy1100 says:

    I have a question or would like to hear some of the similarities and
    differences in puberty among the different species of the Earth. I have
    been suggesting this topic to VSAUCE but he hasn’t done anything on it in
    the two years Iv’e mentioned it.

    Very cool episode. Thanks

  6. skylilly1 says:

    The picture of the woman holding the mini pad! LOL Didn’t expect that!

  7. Howard Sterling says:

    Technically, the days of which the most humans mate are on full moons. It’s
    supposed to be more romantic or something.

  8. LadySniper1993 says:

    XD there are reruns so they’re bored!

    Best explanation ever! 

  9. legit0101 says:

    What is my birth date?

  10. Guilherme Henrique Trielli Ferreira says:

    is there a limit to how much clothes can shrink?

  11. Indrijid says:

    That fish tank is a lie…..

  12. Jeffrey Melanoleuca says:

    It is also believed that females have menstrual cycle because humans can
    afford to have children anytime. Other animals must hunt and protect
    themselves from predators at all times. Humans are generally stronger and
    more intelligent therefore we don’t need to worry about predators. As a
    result, we can afford to have children whenever.

  13. PowerCookie1 says:

    Higher during december and june, sounds like mating
    seasons to me and its twice a year.

  14. Chris Boots says:

    Why don’t fish sleep ?

  15. Unon1100 says:


  16. ThoperSought says:

    this one was really disappointing.

    not to say that we have answered every question about this, but as far as I
    know there are only three mammals with hidden ovulation and full-cycle
    sexual receptivity: humans, bonobos, and dolphins.

    all three are highly social and cooperative, and have *Way* more sex than
    other animals. for gorillas, it’s something like 10 time per pregnancy, on
    average. care to estimate that average for humans?

  17. Tamia Rainey says:

    Why do some pills taste like candy?

  18. John O'marrah says:

    How do we know what dinosaurs actually looked like?

  19. Thomas Coughran says:

    Guy meets a girl at a bar. After a few drinks, he asks the big question.
    She says, “I can’t, I’m on my menstrual cycle.”

    He replies, “That’s cool, I’ve got a Harley, I’ll follow you.” 

  20. Laurie Leerholm says:

    I agree with your TV theory lol