Why Don’t Scavengers Get Sick?

Why Don’t Scavengers Get Sick?

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Created by Henry Reich
Production and Writing Team: Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Emily Elert, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida, and Henry Reich
Music by Nathaniel Schroeder: http://www.soundcloud.com/drschroeder

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Video clips by Kate Yoshida.

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20 Responses

  1. pencilpen786 says:

    Cute animations.

  2. John Knight says:

    this was dark

  3. Vix EliT says:

    Actually like this one

  4. Jalo Kezelkie says:

    Why do we orbit the sun with out falling right in to it

  5. Jewels Jyourdi says:

    Hymn,well I think it should still be OK as long as u pee before and after u
    eat it/ swallow it. Whichever blows the sail,right? ;)

  6. Commenting Otaku says:

    Well i want to evolve into a ultra mega super micro human so bacteria won’t
    attack me! 

  7. Koopa Troopa Poopa says:

    I wonder if I eat a rotting carcass, I’ll become vulture man!!! 

  8. Tetra Sky says:

    too bad anti-vaxxers are ruining our decades of protection through
    vaccination due to their wrongful and ridiculous “knowledge” of other anti
    vaxxers who spout sh*t out of their mouths that have zero scientific

  9. Telleryn says:

    When a creature croaks, it might also just be a frog

  10. starrychloe says:

    OMG I got it! We should lick anthrax until we develop a herd immunity!
    Also, how can you hawk shaving equipment when you don’t shave?

  11. Brooks Gorden says:

    should have bashed anti vaxers more lol

  12. Arnim Sommer says:

    Hm – how about a MinutePhysics Video about the physics of shaving?

  13. rabidmonk5 says:

    Who’s down to roll around naked for the sake of boosting our immunity?
    Anyone? …………….. please?

  14. Cameron Fernandez says:

    why doesn’t my fifty shades of video have more views? i’m gay

  15. GameSquid says:

    that vulture clip was amazing, haha

  16. Humanoid Lifeform says:

    I tried watching this on Vessel a week ago. But they have no subscription
    list. It s really hard to find the videos of those you follow there :(

  17. 佬鬼 says:

    I’ve always wanted to be a vulture. Flexible. Resilient. They seriously
    have life on this planet by the balls.

  18. Timtamsdontgointhere says:

    Since when is stomach acid caustic? That’s the opposite of acidic.

  19. Ash Axis says:

    I love how nature works…. so orderly.

  20. Alltime Conspiracies says:

    Classic immunity!