Why Don’t We – 8 Letters (Official Audio)

Why Don’t We – 8 Letters (Official Audio)

Why Don’t We – “8 Letters” – Out Now: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/8LettersAY

From the upcoming Why Don’t We album, available everywhere August 31, 2018.





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58 Responses

  1. Tae Jams says:

    I’m sorry but let’s appreciate Zach’s high notes 😌

  2. Fire Pineapple says:

    No meme in this?Oh no.

  3. Zara Isabella says:


  4. celine Danielle says:

    Love the song but does anyone think the song cover looks exactly like one directions Our moment perfume😂

  5. REXTHEPANDA says:

    I have listened to this song 4 times and I already know all the words

  6. Sharmin Khatun says:

    OMG I love this song it’s beautiful and amazing

  7. Larina Velvet says:

    Beyond proud this is incredible you’ve grown so much you really aren’t your everyday boyband I love that. Yourr music is one of a kind- the most incredible kind their is!

  8. glitter extreme says:

    i think the eight letters is ‘ i love you’😊

  9. Adjective Why don't we says:

    Prettymuch who?!

  10. MyLifeAsEmma says:

    I’m not crying *your crying*

  11. wdw fangirl says:


  12. Aldc Kids says:

    I’m emotional

  13. Priyatato says:


  14. bhusshant says:

    On repeat until the album comes out ❤️❤️

  15. Lana Random says:

    No words 😶 I’m….. amazed

  16. Wdw Shook says:


  17. Fire Pineapple says:

    Jack chorus and Corbyn falsetto so lit

  18. Lawes Productions says:

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  19. Mozart Valdez says:

    If you like feel good EDM then you might wanna read this… When life gets rough there’s always that one thing we as humans can go back to and feel like everything is alright. In my opinion that thing is good music. There have been so many days before when I was younger where everything seemed so overwhelmingly negative… Like there was no light at the end of my tunnel. But then I started listening to my idols and somehow it made me feel some sort of way… Almost like a hope entered into my life. At that moment I knew what my dream in life was.

    I wanted to make music like my favorite artists. I knew I’d never be able to even afford a keyboard so it stayed a dream, buried deep inside me never to see the light of day. Until now that is. Here I am few years later and I’m making the music I’d always look for but never could find. This journey in my life has been amazing… And I want to help people feel the same way by listening to the music I create… I wanna be able to make memories for other people! I want people to hear my music and let it change their day for the better! That’s why I started making music. 🌌They’re not your typical dance tracks. My songs are flooded with emotion and vibes.

    They’re very spacey and futuristic. They make you feel like your life is part of something bigger, almost like your being whisked away to another galaxy… I’m not trying to boast. I’m just trying to help you all feel good vibes. And in 2018, I think alot more people need that. If you could help me out by checking my songs it would mean so much. I promise you won’t regret it. Thank you for being one of my first fans if you choose to listen. 🙏 I’ll forever remember the first people who supported me… <3

  20. Gabby Omega says:

    PROUD. ❤️👏

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