Why Don’t We – Don’t Change [Official Music Video]

Why Don’t We – Don’t Change [Official Music Video]

Don’t Change out now: http://whydntwe.co/DontChangeYT

Directed by: Henry Lipatov & David Loeffler
Label: Atlantic Records

Daniel Seavey
Jonah Marais
Corbyn Besson
Zach Herron
Jack Avery



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55 Responses

  1. limelightlife says:

    Who else waited the whole time for the premiere
    ⬇??(if you did your one of the truest limelight)

  2. Najihah Bakri says:

    The order of excitement playing with mirror is
    1) corbyn
    2) jack
    3) daniel
    4) jonah
    5) zach

  3. YourAwkwardOreo says:

    You know you’ve made it when a ferret stopped playing to watch

  4. Mandy WDW says:

    boys: *wears matching colors of the boxes*
    jack: IMA WEAR WHITE.

  5. Sebastian.HerronCA :D says:

    Who else is going to watch the movie only to hear this song? HAHAHAH???

  6. limelight_ me says:

    Jack: Rolls his eyes
    Me: *dying*

  7. Elis Mumun says:

    This video was taken before Daniel changed his hair colour???

  8. Callie Hendricks says:

    *Jack’s part had me crying oh my gosh!! ?❤️*

  9. Callie Hendricks says:

    This is how many Limelight’s there are ❤️


  10. patrick star says:

    everybody wears a color that fits to the Box,
    jack- im gonna wear white

  11. kiwi 2007 says:

    To the 100% who won’t click read more

    Don’t change you are beautiful and amazing

  12. Sky Livid says:


  13. Oliver Wood says:

    Corbyn reminds me of a traffic police man?
    Corbyn’s jacket*

  14. Hadeil Attaira says:

    Director: *okay everyone wear the colour of your room*

    Jack: **grins** *sure* …

  15. Hadeil Attaira says:

    *they filmed this before Daniel dyed his hair*
    I kinda miss the brown hair…?

    Like if you agree

  16. janelle says:

    This is how many people loves Why Don’t We

  17. Hadeil Attaira says:

    *It’s ok Zach soon you’ll get abs* ?

    Only isnta limelights will get this ??

  18. Hadeil Attaira says:

    *How many grammy’s wdw deserve* ?

  19. Tristan Ts says:

    corbyns sounds so good, i’m so glad he got a big part??

    p.s. im so proud of how far they’ve gone

  20. Emma Drain says:

    Change = Don’t
    Depression = Cured
    Anxiety = Gone
    Wig = On Mara
    Hotel = Trivago

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