Why Don’t We & Macklemore – I Don’t Belong In This Club [Official Music Video]

Why Don’t We & Macklemore – I Don’t Belong In This Club [Official Music Video]

I Don’t Belong In This Club with Macklemore out now: http://whydntwe.co/IDBITCYT

Directed by: Jason Koenig
Produced by: Honna Kimmerer
Executive Producer: Jenny Koenig
DOP: Ryan Brown
Editor: David Franklin & Jason Koenig
Commissioner: Phil Botti
Label: Atlantic Records
Written by: Jason Koenig, Honna Kimmerer, Jenny Koenig
Production Company: Studio JKOE



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64 Responses

  1. Navkiran Khosa Navkiran Khosa says:

    Yeah you don’t belong in this club Zach you’re too young ?

  2. aling ising says:

    WDW: I don’t belong in this club!
    Me: You belong with me *wink*

  3. T Marie says:

    So many girls in this video and yet, I wasn’t one of them. ;(

  4. Pamela Chimborazo says:

    Lets make this trending guys lets go limelights ??

    Lets go limelights were trending #11 right now lets go for #1 !!!!

  5. Kayla Dianne says:

    #11 on trending in the US! Come on Limelights let’s get it to #1

  6. Cameryn Chappelle says:

    who else got hella jelly when zach had his whole arm around a girl >=*

  7. Moonlight X Fox says:

    They. Just. Keep. On. Making. Great. Songs.

    I have a Satisfied mind,eyes, and heart

  8. Rocio Reyes says:

    Just to let you know I was here before trending.

  9. chummy haven says:

    Will never get that picture of corbyn in bellbottoms out of my mind omgggg

  10. SxlankiDxn 26 says:

    Are you Google?

    Because your the answer to *everything* ? (real fans know)

  11. Ciara Likes Cake says:

    Corbyn’s chest is one thing you never knew you needed in your life rn

  12. Ashlynn Aguero says:

    Zach:I don’t belong in the club

    Me: yeah cause your under age ?

  13. TheMysteriousLady says:

    I still can’t express how weird Zach looked with a mustache omg

  14. Christina Theodore says:

    Who else is waiting for Dante’s reaction!?

  15. Bobbie Jones says:

    It’s just funny how Jonah was singled out, and I laughed when Zach and Jack rolled up with fake id’s. Ripping off the fake mustaches was the funniest part in my opinion. Lool.

  16. Aspen Paws says:

    Our boys testin’ new forms of choreography ?

    …and fashion

    • Destiny Brown says:

      And words

    • Teeryauna Anderson says:

      Aspen Paws that’s what I was think haha oh god there going to that choreography in the concert and wear those outfits and Zach and jack are going to wear the mustaches ?

    • Limelight WDW says:

      Teeryauna Anderson at first I didn’t notice the mustaches were stuck on I was like “wth!” But like .2 secs later I realized ??

  17. Alyssa Wang says:

    *premiered when I was in school ?*

  18. Rocket Nunez says:

    This is probably the craziest video they have ever done.

    Also, who else loves all their dances.

  19. mia Gurl says:

    Camila: Crying in the club
    Why don’t we: *I don’t belong in this club*

  20. WhyDontWe Forever says:

    I’m surprised they even let Zach film in the club in the first place ?

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