Why Don’t We Shoot Nuclear Waste Into Space?

Why Don’t We Shoot Nuclear Waste Into Space?

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Here in the Kurzgesagt labs we test very important ideas to see what happens when you blow things up or play with black holes. Many of you suggested that we look into an idea that sounds reasonable: Shooting nuclear waste into space. It is one of those concepts that seems like an easy fix for one of the main problems with nuclear energy. But it turns out this idea is not just bad but horribly bad and it gets worse the longer you think about it.

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00:00:00 12,023 Calender Announcement
00:00:20 INTRO
00:00:57 What is nuclear waste?
00:02:47 Problem 1: Stuff Ain’t Cheap
00:04:24 Problem 2: Space is hard
00:06:53 Problem 3: Rockets go Brrrrrrrr
00:08:06 Conclusion and Opinion Part
00:09:39 Endcard

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25 Responses

  1. Wolfy5427 says:

    The animation style, speech and way of making the audience understand what the concept is / get a grasp of the concept is so perfect ! Love your vids Kurzgesagt

    • Seraph X2 says:

      Except for the green goopy imagery that has been fed to people to make them fear Nuclear waste; a perspective scientists are trying to change, and now this channel is actively thwarting by being part of that same problem.

    • Jimmy says:

      quit meat riding everybody knows this lol. it’s why we are subscribed…

    • Deutsch mit Purple says:

      True, the quality is really great

  2. Let's be Honest Official says:

    I appreciate every second of those 2000 hours you’ve but into this. I usually watch your videos several times and I always recommend your channel to others. You deserve all the recognition you’re getting. Cheers, Kurzgesagt

  3. Mike says:

    Man I love this channel. Citing sources and everything. You guys are a gold mine

  4. Doug says:

    The production value of this was 11/10, well done animators

  5. DDOC says:

    this has to be one of the funniest kurzgesagt videos. the “actually to scale” among others caught me off-guard and made me laugh. thank you!

  6. Doplex -_- says:

    Isn’t it fantastic how a group of people can sit in a room, do obscure research for hundreds of hours, then present a thesis in an animated format for us all to enjoy. This is one of the best channels on the internet.

    • Franco Panigaia says:

      go team geoengineering, go! destroy the planet with your amazing plans! YAY!!

    • Michael Smithers says:

      @ryan rogers no one needs to “prove” that fossil fuels are finite. It’s just a fact. The question one might ask is how accessible they are. Deeper wells, further off shore, further north in hard to access places, from harder sources like tar sands, shale and fracking are all evidence of increasing scarcity. At some point they will run out. Hope that’s not too woke…

    • DerTobi™ says:

      @Jordon Smith kurzgesagt, is a great gift from germany for all, but, FYI: It`s not “All for free”.
      Every german citizen is forced by the law, to pay a monthly Tax (18€) towards “kurzgesagt” and Co.,
      wich is in fact a german state media funded channel on youtube..
      So, every kurzgesagt-video is part “payed FOR YOU by ALL germans” via a forced monthly payment,
      called “the democracy tax”..!

      btw.: They forcefully collect around 8.1 Billion € per Year from us, to fund things like “kurzgesagt”..!
      Hope you enjoy your “free stuff”..

    • Napalm Holocaust says:

      How is rockets raining nuclear waste obscure? Its already happened a dozen times or more. Its a cover-up.

  7. Brett N. says:

    I know it would take a while, but a video on RSV would be really interesting to see! I love the videos about the body and immune system so would love to see more if possible!

  8. segfaultii says:

    The writing and animation in this video are better then ever. The money rocket racing through space was great!

  9. Dré says:

    Kurzgesagt animation has always been AMAZING. But somehow it’s getting even better.

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