Why Don’t We Throw Trash in Volcanoes?

Why Don’t We Throw Trash in Volcanoes?

We have a garbage problem. Wouldn’t it make sense to throw that trash into the nearest volcano?

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. StrawberryDonutKing says:

    I didn’t think throwing [your waifu] into a volcano would be so bad!

  2. João Medeiros says:

    why don’t we send it to outer space? is there any other reason besides cost?

  3. Psychedellyfish says:

    You could make it like a monthly garbage festival where the whole area goes to look at lava explosions

  4. Entropy Zero says:

    Did he just say that the average American generates *a couple kg trash per day* ?!?
    I knew you guys were bad when it comes to producing trash, but a couple kg per day? Come on!

  5. Antwine Jones says:

    Send the trash to space

  6. CSC Unit says:

    So happy Ive seen this video in time, I was just about to go dump some garbage in the lava pit near my home. Thx Hank!

  7. SanctuaryReintegrate says:

    Burning trash for power is already the greenest way to handle garbage.

  8. kenneth hellberg says:

    Hey Hank your hair is green

  9. Hugh Chester says:

    That’s what I do in Minecraft.

  10. ĐÂŅÝŁ ĢÁŁÀ says:

    Hey Man! Would like to see more vids on body nd health related things, i know u hve several vids on ur channel nd also on crash course but u knw u guys r soo good on making these vids tht i cnt wait to watch nd know more bout things.

  11. Necroticus says:

    Clearly, people should be using their trash to power their DeLorean time machine.

  12. supersmily5SS5 says:

    Wait, okay so that first part, how there are factories that burn trash to generate electricity, why don’t we do THAT more often? I imagine it might pollute the air, but it’s trash, it’s going to pollute something anyway.

  13. a. p. says:

    not a science-science answer, but aside from the reasons outlined — places actually near active volcanoes often place high cultural significance on them. if not revered, they’re at least approached with respect/caution (understandable, since, y’know. heckin’ volcanoes) and not a nifty nearby trash incinerator. again, not science-science, but maybe something worth thinking about too. 😀

  14. Able Fable says:

    Bury it next to a subduction zone
    In a few thousand years it will be under a tectonic plate

  15. Som Bamrara says:

    At first I thought the video meant throwing the volcano in the trash..

  16. palmomki says:

    Youtube video of organic matter exploding on contact with lava or it didn’t happen.

  17. Andrew Wong says:

    Problem: So water in organic matter is too low of temperature to throw in lava.
    Analogy: Ask any fry cook, you throw in ice, water, or food with a lot of water suddenly it will pop. 
    Solution to Analogy: Breading or battering food reduces the initial pop from difference in temperature
    Solution to Problem (if worth it): Find a cheap, easily accessible substance to encase trash, that helps temper waste so it does not explode 

    I’m high so, don’t blame me if this don’t make sense

  18. Wolfshark says:

    The intro is too loud.

  19. Kholdilocks says:

    Is… is this something people actually ask here? This is clearly a terrible idea and I don’t remember anyone ever suggesting something like this.

  20. Maya Holt says:

    Who else looked up people throwing food into lava after watching this video?

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