Why Don’t We – Unbelievable [Official Music Video]

Why Don’t We – Unbelievable [Official Music Video]

Why Don’t We – Unbelievable [Official Music Video]

“Unbelievable” out now: https://wdw.lnk.to/UnbelievableVW

Directed by –
Henry Lipatov: https://instagram.com/henrylipatov
David Loeffler

Label: Atlantic Records

Daniel Seavey
Jonah Marais
Corbyn Besson
Zach Herron
Jack Avery



#WhyDontWe #UnbelievableMusicVideo #UnbelievableOutNow

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45 Responses

  1. mengthemango says:

    how far these boys have gone:
    from logan paul vlogs to topping charts

    *cries in corner*

    • Abby Harwood says:

      Lmfao, mengthemango so true no joke when I first heard this song I felt like crying because im so incredibly proud of them. And also I was so happy when this song came out because it was the day after my bday when it did <3

    • The Diamond Nether Star says:

      Oh yeah they were Logan Diss

  2. Harsh Patil says:

    This guys have definitely filmed this song in area 51 ???

  3. Shreya Thapa says:

    Omgg Jack’s voice
    Daniel’s outfit
    Corbyns smile
    Jonah saving the world
    Zach’s ending

  4. Sophia Singh says:

    If it’s all a dream, don’t wake up,
    ‘Cause I got your body next to me.
    Oh wait up!

    Awesome lyrics??

    • Limelights 4 ever says:

      “Just wait up”not “oh wait up.”

    • J Sirwah says:

      Awesome lyrics? I don’t know what’s worse, the elementary school level of writing, or the fact that anyone actually thinks that any of these boys wrote even one single word of it.

  5. Zenya yalena Korver says:

    Me: Forgets to watch current wdw vids
    Sees current vid: wow, thats right.. jacks HOT

  6. Izzy Kosy says:

    Jonah getting to grow a flower coz he only got like 3 lines to sing…

    ALso Corbyn is everything in this vid!!!

  7. Bts is my Addiction says:

    They look so different and mature??? I still can’t believe jack Avery is a Dad now. Wow ????✌️?

  8. Zia Haniff says:

    Corbyn you look FIRE. Love the song guys. I am proud of you guys. Love you ❤️???♥️?

  9. Sadie Huffman says:

    Holy guacamoly im SHOOK!
    daniel: His smile 🙂
    Jonah: Gotta save the world AGAIN! :)))
    Jack: UHHHHH THAT HIGH NOTE!!! :))))))))
    Zack:…… that HIGH NOTE :))))))))))))))))

  10. Prerna Kumari says:

    Who is looking perfect?
    Why Don’t We?

  11. Neonbluerocks says:

    Finallyy something proper ?
    The music video is


  12. Where are the Avocados says:

    can we get 1million views in 24hrs
    why don’t we deserves it

  13. TyahooPlaysHD says:

    *Which song do you like more?*
    Unbelievable by WDW: like
    Easier by 5SOS: reply
    *both songs are amazing!!*

  14. Emma Hubbard says:

    0:30 is what I needed when they released their lyric video for unbelievable!
    0:11 OMG those eyes
    Edit: 3:07 who else wishes that flower was lavender ? congrats

  15. Deanna Henry says:

    Director : Jonah can save the world.
    Limelights: That’s UNBELIEVABLE!

  16. I am xristina says:

    teacher:so now everyone has to show something for the Earth day that he loves.

    me:UnBeLiEvAbLe OfFiCiAl vIdEo?

  17. blankk taehyungg says:

    Modern Talking: you’re my heart, you’re my soul, I’ll be holding you forever
    Why Don’t We: you’re in my heart, you’re in my head, now you’re waking up here in my bed
    Me: well, I wonder what was their inspiration..

  18. Styli says:

    *Why Don’t We* are you young *creative geniuses* and I know if I keep working hard one day my music will get this big!
    *Remember This Comment* ??❤️

  19. DreamCqtcher says:

    Jonah: the ladies man
    Corbyn: the si-fi cutie
    Jack: curly haired baby
    Zach: Lil bean
    Daniel: baby blonde

  20. anattractivegurl says:

    Jack: now you waking up, you’re in my bed.

    and yeah we get new member, Lav?


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