Why Dumbledore Can’t Move Against Grindelwald | Fantastic Beasts Theory

Why Dumbledore Can’t Move Against Grindelwald | Fantastic Beasts Theory

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Today Ben dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to discuss Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and try and determine why Dumbledore can’t move against Grindelwald and instead needs Newt to do it for him

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90 Responses

  1. Olivia Hulstine says:

    Who can’t wait till Grimes of Grindelwald!!!

  2. SuperCarlinBrothers says:

    We hope to see you in Orlando!!!

  3. Lil Debby says:

    *tom riddlED with mystery

  4. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Ron Ron! Ron Weasley! *DUMBLEDORE*

  5. Justin Y. says:

    Plot Twist: Grindelwald is Dumbledore.

  6. Sam Staples says:

    When you said Yummbeldore I lost it😂😂

  7. Sam Shane says:

    Not that hard to discern. Even if he is being watched, dumbledore doesn’t care about that. To face him would be to face his past, his biggest regrets. But his love for him still lingers, something dumbledore is ashamed of. Took him 19 years lol but your theory is pretty cool. Imagine the duel we might see in the 5th film, and then Ariana come out and we visibly see dumbledore break. I’d cry pretty hard

    • JD M says:

      in truth the reason Dumbledore can’t go against Grindlewald is yeah a part of him still cares for his old friend and to face him again would be hard to do. just try to image to face a person who cared so much for (had a hidden crush on the guy) after a long time. those feelings just don’t go away. Dumbledore is a lot of things a great wizard and great person but he is still human. he has admitted that he Dumbledore has made mistakes in his life and some are hard to face.

    • jamcan 513 says:

      +rishabh anand what if this situation is the reason he doesn’t fear/ worry about the ministry hunting him. Remember this is set before the Harry Potter books

    • Dagmar Eileen says:

      Dumbledore wins, so I guess we would only see Grindelwalds spells through the priori incantatem effect, and Dumbledore wouldn’t let that go back for twenty years, that would take ages, so no, I think we still won’t see her…

    • Sam Shane says:

      +leeza very true. So their whole theory for that goes out the window then lol

    • Sam Shane says:

      +Dagmar Eileen I know we wont see her I was just trying to entertain their theory even though I don’t agree with it. I edited my comment to include that last bit because I didn’t want to be mean lol. But it could still be another reason/fear Dumbledore might be holding back. But an irrational fear none the less because Grindelwald won’t be using the same wand for the duel as he had when ariana died. So if Dumbledore ever did think if this is was like a 1 second thought and then would complete be out of his mind once he learns Grindelwald has the elder wand

  8. Kasim Bilal says:

    Omg this theory totally makes sense. They released a picture of two wands on twitter. One was the elder wand and another was a full black wand which had lobes like the elder wald. I just assumed that it was dumbledore’s old wand but then they revealed this new wand (in the poster) and i thought who’s wand was that in the pic on twitter.
    Edit: i commented this before ben showed the picture of the wands

  9. Mbegr22 says:

    *Love this, hope JK sees this.*

    • Jaeger Alonso says:

      nah, changes too many things

    • j w says:

      I bet JK secretly watches all of these

    • rilian226 says:

      upekha… she is somewhat predictable and throughout the writing of the series loved to drop little hints and tidbits that could be sussed out by those who paid attention. I have to give huge props to the brothers here for getting Nagini. I missed that one. I know I am not likely to be believed but I was able to come up w/ the idea for a horcrux (though not the name) as what was coming in book 6 before it came out. JKR had said in an interview after being asked for the billionth time why Harry survived the killing curse. She said something like “I’ve told you that many times. What you should be asking is why Voldemort didn’t die from the rebound”. I remember in the week leading up to the release of book 6, I had been sick and stuck at home. I was scouring the internet for anything I could find on 6 and came across that interview. The answer was in plain sight…all the way back in book 2 when Dumbledore is telling Harry some things after he beat the basilisk. I put 2 and 2 together and came up w/ the idea of parts of Voldemorts soul being separated and even the possibility of Harry housing one of them (that talk in book 2 hints at it big time). After 6 was released, everyone was trying to figure out what Ravenclaw’s horcrux was and again, it was right under everyone’s nose the whole time. I had told myself that it would be just like her to drop it in a mix of other random items just like in that scene where Harry is seeing things in the room of requirement on the way to hiding his potions book. Unfortunately I had researched a bunch of other stuff at the time that lead me to believe that Ravenclaw’s wand was the horcrux and so when I read that passage, that’s what I had focused on and completely passed by the diadem. Another poster on the forum I was using (it’s gone now…I don’t remember the name either) had said it was the diadem. I had the right scene and down to the right freaking paragraph and missed it. Still smarts.

      All that just goes to show that things of this sort can be picked up and the pre-call of Nagini being this woman was a big well-done to the SCBs. I can see some logic to their theory here in this video and wouldn’t put it past JKR to do something like this but on the other hand, there was never any hint of a brother to the elder wand that shared the core. JKR loves hints.

    • Grey Wolf395 says:

      yeah she should

  10. Lawrence Calablaster says:

    Can’t a person just use Priori Incantatem on another’s wand without needing the core-fight? Didn’t Mr. Crouch do that?

    • Samantha Miller says:

      No, we only see priori incantatem once with Harry and Voldemort. What Amos used is a standard spell to see the last spell cast. Priori incantatem will basically make your wand spew out all of the spells you’ve done in last to first order. I’m sure if it’s done love g enough you will see all of the spells ever cast with that wand

    • Sara Baker says:

      What if each of the Peverell brothers had a wand with a thestral core? So there are technically three?

    • Rusty Bryant says:

      Lawrence Calablaster the one used in the books by amos reveals the last spell cast while the core fighting one can reveal more than that even showing who killed who as the last three people killed with voldys wand appear I think if it was held long enough more would Have shown up.

    • Rachel McNeil says:

      Wesley Moore unless the imitation one was made soon after the elder wand, like by another brother or a rival of the first brother. Then they could have used the same thestral

    • Navya Navs says:

      Yes we can. Bellatrix Lestrange used this on Hermione’s wand in Deathly Hallows at the Malfoy Manor

  11. Drew Kopchick says:

    You guys should read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

  12. Eva says:

    So, basically, the wands are all like:
    ‘House rules! If you lose a battle against your sibling you have to reveal your search history to everyone!’

  13. Sammi Sue says:

    “He even sees a little of himself in Grindelwald. And I actually mean that quite literally.” That’s a gay joke if I ever heard one 😂

  14. v_for_vegandetta says:

    When the elder wand and its brother meet will they say, “HEY BROTHER!”?

  15. TheAres1999 says:

    You guys mention the Elder Wand being unbeatable a lot, but that just can’t be true. It doesn’t hold for either theory about how the Elder Wand was made. If you believe it was literally made by the Grim Reaper, then it is a death trap. It’s powerful enough to make you confident that you can beat anyone, but there are some people who could defeat you. If you go by the theory that the three brothers made the Hallows, then it was made by a human, so it can’t be perfect. The Elder Wand is the most powerful wand in the world, but it doesn’t necessarily make its wielder the most powerful wizard in the world.

    • TheAres1999 says:

      Gamed4Geeks, two things.
      Secondly invisibility is probably a lot easier than invincibility.

    • SSU says:

      Elder Wand is beatable, how else do you account for the changing of owner when beat?
      It is likely not a much stronger wand but since it change owner after who is strongest, it will end up in the hands of the strongest wizard or one of the strongest wizards. Hype does the rest 🙂

    • Jessica Kirkman says:

      SSU I recall it changing hands due to treachery and loss, not an outright duel of magic. Like slitting the persons throat, or beating them up when they’re unaware and taking the wand. The Elder wand is supposed to beat any wand in magic.

  16. Fimbulþulr says:

    Considering that both the resurrection stone and the invisibility cloak might have “smaller brothers” (the Veil and the Pensieve respactively), I don’t think it is unreasonable to assume that the same is true for the Elder wand.

    • Fredrik Badh says:

      But isn’t the mirror of erised the “smaller brother” to the elder wand in that case?

    • Dagmar Eileen says:

      I never thought of it that way, but that actually makes sense!!

    • PotterheadGeeK7 says:

      Wait, how is the Pensive the smaller brother of the Invisibility Cloak? 🤔

    • Fredrik Badh says:

      The idea is that these three objects: the mirror, the veil and the pensieve, are linked to or perhaps rather symbolic to the hallows. The resurrection stone is a passageway between life and death just like the veil, the cloak of invisibility gives you the power to walk undetected amongst others just like the pensieve (in memories) and the elder wand grants its wielder his or her greatest wishes while the mirror of erised merely show them to you.

    • Bushra K says:

      +PotterheadGeeK7 Watch SCB theory video about the veil.

  17. Hermione granger says:

    I love harry potter

  18. Cassandra Müller says:

    “Totally impossible, right? Welcome to SuperCarlinBrothers” 😛 This is why I love this channel. Theories start out sounding impossible and you actually make them not only sound plausible, but highly probable. This theory was amazing. You’ve got me sold. Also… How did you even notice the two different wands? I never would have! Awesome job guys!

    Also… Can we get a T-Shirt with that quote?

  19. Michael Pergamit says:

    Maybe not a want they found, but a wand they MADE together of elder wood and thestral hair? They explored many types of magic together so why not wand lore in an attempt to recreate the most powerful wand ever?

    • Pedro Rodrigues says:

      they found the original elder wand, disassembled it and divided the core into two different wands. It’s like a gay wizard marriage.

    • PotterheadGeeK7 says:

      Ooh, that’s a good one, and it’s very plausible!

    • Katja Heusinger says:

      Does it need to be an exact twin, though? The not-quite copy of the elderwand could just be much more powerful than Ds normal wand – and maybe more powerful than any other bar the elderw. itself, thus the best/only choice to defeat it?

    • Josh Mich says:

      +Katja Heusinger well it depends. If you just want a powerful wand then it is not necessary to be the exact twin. But considering the part that a “priori incantatem” might be the reason dumbledore avoids a duel with grindelwald, then it needs to have the exact twin core. Else this effect is not possible.

  20. David Messer says:

    Isn’t is simpler to think that Dumbledore doesn’t want to face Grindlewald simply because he doesn’t want to become the master of the Elder Wand? He knows at that stage in his life that he couldn’t handle the power and he would then be corrupted just like G was.

    As you say in the video, he thinks that Newt could handle it, because he doesn’t seek power.
    (This is very similar to the reason that Frodo could carry the One Ring in LotR.)

    • Caroline Deghilage says:

      +Riad Ramsaroop but maybe he was afraid at the time and asked Newt. However he light have realised between 1927 and 1945 that he had to be the one to finish it and with that also accepted to become the master of the elder wand..?

    • Ahmezyy says:

      I agree, he’s trying to find a way to defeat Grindelwald (he’s not totally ignoring the situation) but in a way he doesn’t get the wand. He’s found Newt who he thinks, like Harry later, can master the power and won’t go full on evil. It’s totally like Dumbledore to think that if he got the wand he’d probably end up doing more harm then Grindelwald has done (Although obv he won’t) It’ll take him a few years to understand that he won’t and eventually he’ll take down Grindelwald and take the elder wand.

    • David Messer says:

      Achyuth Thouta
      Not knowing about Ariana doesn’t make a lot of sense. If he killed her, it was clearly an accident. It was still Grindalwald’s fault because it wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t have a duel with him.
      In addition, if the problem is the paired wands, why doesn’t Dumbledore just destroy his?
      Boy, I’m really looking forward to this movie!

    • Caroline Deghilage says:

      +David Messer because he suspects that’s going to be the wand he needs to defeat Grindelwald probably…

    • Hufflepuff 394 says:

      PotterheadGeeK7 That’s a good point

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