Why Every New Macbook Needs a Different Goddamn Charger

Why Every New Macbook Needs a Different Goddamn Charger

We can make a computer fit in an envelope, but I guess we’re still working out the kinks on the charger.

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20 Responses

  1. sayrith says:

    Wow okay I don’t care if this is a comedy video but there is an actual
    reason as to why Apple changed the charger. It is called USB type C which
    now can power laptops. That’s why. It’s a port that can do almost anything.
    So there is a reason. But the Retina Mac truly has no goddamn reason.

  2. AJ SpicyWiener says:
  3. Nissen Nisse says:

    Sending this with Internet Explorer, so it may take a while! THERE IS A

  4. Kitsune Quinn says:

    Who different computers are for:
    Windows: video game consumers
    Macs: artists, coders
    Linux: coders

  5. serina halliwell says:

    lol anything to make money XD

  6. HidexHoldings says:

    @Raptor Dave PC stands for personal computer. A mac is also a PC. You mean
    a windows computer?

  7. RedSunRises says:

    Nothing sells Microsoft products better than Apple

  8. Isaac Shemp says:

    Because Apple hates industry standards.

  9. Dem Random Clips says:

    Macs are for faggots or idiots who don’t know a good computer

  10. Michael Bombon says:

    Because F you, that’s why.

  11. Emil Rokstad says:

    Every time apple does anything ever collegehumor does a parody of it XD…
    keep it comming apple

  12. Paulo Gomes says:

    R.I.P APPLE. with all respect for the Great Steve Jobs :/ Unfortunately
    the tasty Apple the died with him :/ 

  13. vTriipzHD says:

    STOP SWEARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Deja Givens says:

    I don’t know why but this made me laugh

  15. ww321 says:


  16. Wojtek Hapen says:

    Lololol, this actually made me laugh

  17. ramseph says:

    Is there an electronics company that manufactures their products in the US?
    With quality materials and fair treatment of their employees? With
    groundbreaking, long lasting, well built products and accesories? No? Why
    not? Because dumb fucks buy cheap slave labor overpriced Apple and love

  18. George Hamilton says:

    Whenever I see comment sections like this, I must remind myself that
    sometimes the “Youtube” comment sections are where idiots flock to.

  19. Pau Gi says:

    That’s the USB-C. It will be a universal port which google and apple are
    working on. It hasn’t been comercialized yet

  20. Eric x says:

    Just goes to show that people and college humor don’t understand
    technology, “the old port was good enough”. I’m sure back in 1900, the
    horse was enough and way better than the Ford model T, yeah, should have
    kept the horses.