Why Every Super Bowl Commercial Was A Nightmare

Why Every Super Bowl Commercial Was A Nightmare


The Puppy Monkey Baby haunts us in our sleep.

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20 Responses

  1. Zellie Dow Jr. says:

    Love the video but… rom.com is back!!

  2. Terrace Thornhill says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Super Bowl.

  3. Rand al'Thor says:

    True story right here involving TJ Miller. It’s about a friend of a friend
    (ya I know it’s one of those but it’s 100 % legit). So about 8-9 years ago
    my friends friend (Dave) and his 2 friends are walking down the street in,
    if I remember correctly Savannah GA after a late night of drinking. One of
    Dave’s friends was in the middle of telling a story and quoting something
    along the lines of “fuck you you cocksucka mothah fuckkkaa” right as TJ
    Miller and his friend walk by who were also intoxicated. TJ and his friend
    thought it was directed at them and it escalated into a scuffle. Well TJ
    ended up knocking out Dave and his friend while his remaining friend
    surrendered to TJ’s friend when he realized he was screwed.

  4. Jacob Buchstaber says:

    puppy monkey baby was evil, EVIL I say.

  5. John Carr says:

    You can’t fall asleep man, Puppy Monkey Baby is going to visit you in your
    dreams and kill you.
    3 awesome things combined, 1 horrible result.

  6. greenje11y says:

    Just wait til you see the size of our caucus. We’ve got the biggest caucus
    in the country. But not too big, like, you can handle it.

  7. Camille Banez says:

    All of the ads were terrible this year. Except for the Acura NSX one, but I
    think that’s more because the design of the car appealed to me, not because
    it was an outstanding commercial.

  8. Sung Ra says:

    How is the first one Cracked lists the best commercial?

    And I’m not sure why I’m pointing this out, but I think Drake was supposed
    to be over blown and over accommodating to show why you should use the
    other company. Which I’ve forgotten just that quick.

  9. anka sara says:

    god, that sentient bunch of intestines grosses me out every time.

  10. American Rambler says:

    No more super hero commercials please!

  11. jamesblond516 says:

    anybody else not freaked out by puppy monkey baby, if only because it’s
    been a youtube commercial for like 2 weeks

  12. Noah Goetz says:

    They’re in California. Why does he have to DRINK his bud?

  13. Christopher OBrien says:

    Steve Harvey… That was a beautiful diss of Verizon 

  14. Derpageddon says:

    The Marmot ad was pretty good, if only because they used a Flight of the
    Conchords song.

  15. Daye “SwanX16” Nyte says:

    fave was helen mirren

  16. richard percival says:

    The funniest person alive is Karl pilkinton, also head like a fucking

  17. Justin Carson says:

    4:30 I just did a spit take of the COCA-COLA I was drinking. (Pls give me
    money coke. Pls?)

  18. Richie P says:

    Please do a video on why the only good part of the halftime show were the
    clips from previous years halftime shows.

  19. BroTheDude says:

    Peyton Manning is the fakest

  20. Adinana Nicholson says:

    job folk keys fig go Adrinan167☺☺☺?☺☺☺☺?☺??