Why Expiration Dates Are B.S.

Why Expiration Dates Are B.S.


Thanks, supermarkets, for all your total guesstimates on when you think something might go bad.

We had an issue with the video and had to re-upload.

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20 Responses

  1. MrFranciscobaeza says:

    already knew that.

  2. Pwn3dbyth3n00b says:

    My pop tart box I found in the trunk of my car has an expiration date of
    March 23 2002. are you telling me its still good?

  3. swan734 says:

    boring video she’s lame

  4. Put 'em in da RED says:

    Whats with this “I’m gonna act and sound like I’m confused, so I will
    randomly end grammatical statements as if they are questions with a
    confused look on my face” trend. It’s not cool nor cute. You look like you
    are trying to make a potentially loud fart into a silencer hoping the mic
    wont pick it up.

  5. asdfers says:

    Seriously though, why is Cracked so Socialist? Companies having a product
    motive in doing things doesn’t automatically make those companies evil
    since open markets ensure they can’t ever be much worse than their
    competitors.What you ever can’t ensure however is that governments won’t
    fuck since they always have monopoly they can back with cops and soldiers.

  6. Mommitude Attitude says:

    no offense to chickapoo but why isn’t Adam doing this episode? why isn’t it
    part of an Adam ruins everything episode?

  7. Geometry Dash AJ213 says:

    heeeeeyyyy here in my backyard.

  8. thescottsman1996 says:

    just shave the fuzz off the cheese, I ain’t dead yet

  9. Jayboy Jayboy says:

    God I love this lady

  10. Manuel Rodriguez says:

    So your telling me when my bread expired on Jan 9th and Jan 11th it had
    mold growing on it in the bag it’s still good to eat??? And the milk that
    expires and the next day the milk smells weird it’s still good to drink
    even though it taste nasty???? And the packages ham? And what about raw
    chicken??? Or raw beef??? They go bad fast after the sell by date! Your
    telling me to eat expired food that is bad???? U are terrible

  11. Admiral Percy says:

    The fact that I find you as attractive as I do is somewhat confusing to me.
    Call me.

  12. John Wayne says:

    I learned zero things from this. Have I finished cracked? Is that how you
    tell? You stop learning things from their videos? I’m scared.

  13. Max Jackson says:

    I hear the cries of the legumes…

  14. KAiserSchlacht says:

    I just threw up everything that I had in my stomach. Damn liver, can’t take
    a few excess of food anymore…

  15. supersoniclikest4coz says:

    What a coincidence, my sister gave me some hot Cheetos today Jan. 13 and it
    said it expired yesterday day, lol I still ate it.

  16. Daniel says:

    or give your pie or past date food to the homeless if u dnt want it

  17. bluishwolf says:

    Please don’t make the sell-by date invisible. It’s bad enough with tobacco
    products when they just put the manufacturing date using a bizarre code
    like V159Z94A5 and then you have to look up the code and add a couple of
    months and hope you aren’t reading it wrong.

    Printing sell-by dates on the product makes it so much easier for clerks.

  18. The Content Twist says:

    That’s why expiration date is important

  19. Kyle Kinkade says:

    God she seems like she’d be cool as hell to hang out with. Glad to see more
    of her on the channel!

  20. x Wylie says:

    Where I used to work, we would occasionally get mustard for free if it was
    past its’ “expiration date”, when in reality, mustard lasts for a pretty
    long time before it goes bad. So, we pretty much were given free, perfectly
    fine mustard :)