Why Fake News Is A Problem That’s Not Getting Fixed Anytime Soon

Why Fake News Is A Problem That’s Not Getting Fixed Anytime Soon

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Facebook & Fake News: http://mashable.com/2016/11/13/mark-zuckerberg-election-fake-news/#cMP30YjoViqm

Google Ads on Fake News: http://mashable.com/2016/11/14/google-ban-fake-news-sites/?utm_cid=hp-h-8#CaNs8onY7qqL


Ohio State Protestor Assaulted: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/student-protester-tackled-ground-ohio-state-article-1.2873151

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20 Responses

  1. Sid Mo says:

    Facebook infuriates me, instead of deleting others, I just deleted my own

  2. Kiki POISON says:

    You’re the only news I watch. No joke, I gave up on the news, so fucking

  3. FollowMeInfantry says:

    Is it really Facebooks job to monitor fake news? Sounds like people should
    do their own research.

  4. Frank Underwood says:

    i visit buzzfeed just to laugh at how stupid they are in their content

  5. louis berman says:

    always rely on the BBC for my news

  6. Don Barron says:

    Sadly, what “no more fake news” translates to in the real world is a way to
    filter conservative news in the process and call it “fake.”

  7. Danny Anderson says:

    I go to TYT just to have a good laugh

  8. Miister Cloud says:

    People who get their news from Facebook are the problem. Not the fact that
    fake news is on Facebook. Why the fuck are you getting your news through

  9. KittyLove89 says:

    Anyone believing “news”on Facebook need to get off because they are
    obviously losing brain cells.

  10. Molly Martin (Elphie Heartshaven) says:

    Part of the problem is modern education, no one knows how to research and
    look for legit sources anymore, it’s not being taught.

  11. That One Meme says:

    Not surprised the dude has autism, I noticed that the moment you played
    that video. But it has been difficult for me to know where to get
    trustworthy news, and I have definitely noticed people don’t bother to read
    and realize if their news is fake or not, ESPECIALLY on Facebook. Facebook
    has slowly become a cesspool of parody news, biased articles, and emotional
    children. If Zuckerburg saw the shit that I see on my feed, he’d rethink
    that statement of his.

  12. Ian Stradian says:

    Thankyou for staying unbiased.
    You were my goto videos when I was sick of the trash news mainstream media
    has become.
    And yes I did go to other news outlets to see what was being pushed forward
    to represent news.
    A few take aways from my research is that I will never trust CNN again.
    The fact that they seemed to get upset when called out on their bias,,,
    shows they were Presstitutes. I’m not a huge Trump fan but damn the
    Clintons were and are just dirty corruption covered sell outs.
    I tried to see through the massive cloud of BS but every little piece of
    evidence points to Hilary and the Clinton Foundation as pay to play…

  13. Gskar009 says:

    So no more buzzfeed or huffpo ? Lol jk

  14. Roy Boy says:

    The Young Turks and CNN are both great places to get terribly inaccurate
    and completely bias news. I check them out from time to time see what
    misinformation they are spreading.

  15. Subscribe Please says:

    Nike will make people pay $600 more on shoes just because people are too
    lazy to tie their own shoes. Only if Adidas was smart like them

  16. Hitchcock00Starlet says:

    I respectfully disagree. Unfollowing or blocking someone on social media
    because they consistently post/share things that bother you isn’t always a
    bad thing. Sometimes it’s best to just quietly walk away for sanity’s sake.

  17. Hallie Ramos says:

    I think a huge part of the issue with that weird middle ground fake news is
    that everyone wants to be the first to cover a story. So they get the
    initial knowledge (likely only a piece of the full story) and rather than
    say “This is what we know now” they say “Here’s all the information you
    need!” I think the only way these types of fake news stories can decrease
    is if people get out of the mindset of having to be the first person
    releasing a story and into the mindset of being reliable and presenting all
    the proper facts. And, as for the stories that are just plain made up,
    those kinda offend me. I’m *sorry* if this insane world that we all live in
    isn’t *interesting enough* for you! *Please* go make up some lies and
    pretend that they’re true! *It’s okay* if you need to pass off lies as the
    truth because you’re bored, we don’t mind!

  18. Elysium says:

    6:10 So why do you suddenly have glitter on you? I’m not judging, I’m just

  19. Cancerous Aids says:

    You are my only source for news you beautiful bastard. Fuck TV news though

  20. Tuesday's Gauntlets says:

    “44% of Americans receive their news from Facebook” Holy fuck why isn’t
    this your main focus?