Why Girls Should Ask Guys Out

Why Girls Should Ask Guys Out

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Edited by Zac Surprenant

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20 Responses

  1. Justlikeaina says:

    Anna you are literally my brain. Each of ur video is very accurate to what
    my brain thought be never been spoken. And im proud to say that i ask my
    current bf out and we’ve been dating for more than 2 years already 🙂 Love
    you anna

  2. Cha Intheris says:

    I saw the cutest, went for it and it was the best descision in my whole
    love life sooooo yeah so agreed !

  3. YO SICK BANDS says:

    im that type of girl who would never talk to my crush since it was almost
    the holidays I decided to ask my crush out for like you know a change
    because im so tired of overthinking so i did the impossible which turned
    out to be ok but it ended up with constant awkward stares from the both of
    us XD. so ladies if youre just like me, do it like srsly do it bc youre
    single and you deserve a good pringle 😉 dont waste your time overthinking
    as well.

  4. Kame Bastard says:

    If I ever had a girl buy me dinner I would probably cum on myself, hence it
    will never happen. Also where did you get the cat walk hanging off your
    wall? I got three cats and there favorite game is sniffing each others
    butts… they need some else better to do.

  5. Carlos Ortiz says:

    Do it lol

  6. Jorge Cruz says:

    I really wish girls did this instead of “signals”, cause i’m blind to
    those, i literally have no clue xD

    And i feel like good guys who would have to reject a girl (in my case, i’m
    taken), would do it in a very soft way, since we know how we’d prefer to be

  7. apeirrron says:

    i thought serial was starting at the end lol

  8. magicalgirlpunk says:

    GIRLS should ask GIRLS out

  9. Sphene So says:

    That cat behind you was licking its.. while you were talking :D

  10. Kyla Crawford says:

    I asked out my husband. It works, ask out those guys. No is not hard to
    hear when you realize it wasn’t meant to be.

  11. MourningBreakfast says:

    Anybody who has ever rejected you is a blind ass fool!

  12. Lola Bint says:

    Omg same Anna! XDDD It was more like I couldn’t hide it tbh hahaha. For me
    though, I’m not scared of rejection, I’m scared the guy might actually be a
    douche and he’ll tell his friends and I’ll be a fudging laughing stock. No
    thanks to that.

  13. The Chaosrift says:

    Great video and advice for the ladies. Also, you have a lot of cats. The
    gray one added a nice touch to the video.

  14. Mohnish Daryanani says:

    Girls. Us shy guys would LOVE THIS

  15. Alan Parkell says:

    I sort of wish it were up to ether jender I don’t think it would be bad but
    should catch the guy when he’s alone

  16. TheAGCteam says:

    The real reason is fear.

  17. Madeline White says:

    Still in love the graphics! Nice work

  18. gerard pascual says:


  19. Sami Holzman says:

    anna your reaction to that box was adorable. keep doing you <3

  20. Andrew Love says:

    I’ve been really loving your videos lately! Keep up the good work! 🙂 <3

    P.S. The stuff you've been doing with the 4K editing is really awesome. I
    love how you use it to punctuate your comedy!