Why I didnt quit

Why I didnt quit


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27 Responses

  1. Coffeehouse Crime says:

    Pewds, I think as you simultaneously inspire many others to begin YouTube (hello!), you’re also consistently inspiring yourself to try new content over the years. Sounds to me like you love to share your experiences with the world and a lot of people appreciate that.. it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers but so many of us enjoy you simply and unapologetically being yourself. Glad you’re still here, keep going!

    • Eva Strange says:

      You’re on of my favourite true crime channels ❤️

    • ThatYamiGuy says:

      I feel you! His videos about making videos, seeing how he started, along with his editors tips and tricks have inspired me and made me feel like I have what it takes. Started my own channel recently, and had a bit of luck where one of my first videos got picked up by the algorithm. That felt so good. It’s not much yet, but I don’t think I could have done it without his inspiration.

      Slowly, but surely we can all become aspiring content creators if we just do it out of love and passion for what we do.

    • Mr Meseeks says:

      He literally did nothing and got where he is. Thank the people who subscribe

    • MasterFlores75 says:

      Adrian !!! 🙌🏼 Love how you’re a pewdiepie fan too 🤙🏼💙

    • Catherine G says:

      I love your videos, Adrian! And I love seeing Nero in them too. If Pewds is an inspiration to you, just know that you have also become an incredible YouTuber and I’m excited to see how your channel grows through the years

  2. Mari says:

    After so many years, I still brofist the screen… As someone metioned, watching your videos is just like hanging out with a friend, it will always be great to have you here.

  3. Rigo Gonzalez says:

    I’m not crying, you are. Everyone matures and everyone grows, It’s a part of the journey and as a long time watcher and supporter do what makes you smile. The support from people who genuinely want you to be happy is real and even if it means less videos or you stop posting all together just know the time we had was a good ride.

  4. Katie Miller says:

    The brofist at the end got me. Honestly I’ve grown up with you Pewds. Watching you navigate life has helped me through mine and turned me on to new topics and ideas I’ve never thought about before. It really is like growing up with a friend. 😊 Never stop being you. Same goes to sweet Marzia!

  5. Outerminds says:

    Without you, Outerminds wouldn’t be what it is today. You were there for us from the start and without this entire journey of yours, none of this would have been possible. Thank you so much for giving us an amazing opportunity to work with you on amazing games. We are extremely thankful and hope you enjoy Japan fully, and make videos on subjects you love at your own pace. You deserve it.

  6. Jake Finnegan says:

    Felix went from goofy kid to mature and wholesome man and I absolutely love and support it.

  7. Aayla Breast Vlogs says:

    I remember when you first started out YouTube and I was still in school. The horror games, Fridays w/ pewdiepie, the vlogs, and so much more. I cant tell you how happy I am have seen you grow. I grew up watching you Pewds and it’s been such a fun adventure. Thank you for making me laughing all these times <3

  8. General Hay says:

    it’s always comforting having you on YouTube. idk it’s a really weird feeling of knowing you’re fine and are having fun which feels nice. and there’s one huge factor you didn’t mention which you have been doing for more than 10 years. and that’s helping others. your collaborations, shout outs, and reactions have helped a lot of other youtubers create communities and build their channels way faster than what the YouTube algorithm would’ve let them. and the world can never get enough of that. it will never have a limit. many famous youtubers have become huge after your help. i’m sure you already know this but we the Bros/floor gang are okay with any type of videos as long as we get to see more you.

  9. Allan Davis says:

    Watching your channel develop over the last 10 years has been incredible. You’ve brought so much joy to people, there have been many times where I’ve had a crap day and Pewds has been there to lift my spirits. It’s been an incredible journey Felix and I’m glad you could share it with us.

    Wishing you & Marzia all the best in the future.

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