Why I Don’t Like Reading

Why I Don’t Like Reading

does this make me dumb 🙁

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41 Responses

  1. Thelazy Slytherin says:

    Teacher: Ok class, over the weekend I want you to to read to chapter 10.

    Me who didn’t even read the book at all: *looks at how many pages are in each chapter* I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that.

    Hey! I love your vids, they are so well animated and funny! I’ve been watching for almost 3 years now, and you can tell that you work hard on the vids.

  2. PusheenGaming 08 says:

    Child: I’m gonna go read!
    School and parents: GO READ OR ELSE
    Child: well now I’m not doing it

  3. Kanna the Dragon Loli says:

    Me : *reading a fun manga

    Me : *got a brain fart

    Me : What was going on, again? Uhh… ah, soy sauces, i gotta re-read the whole chapter again…

    Btw, have fun with Ari

  4. The Reading Labyrinth says:

    Jaiden: To go check out the new Geronimo Stilton book.
    Me: Ah I see your a woman of my culture too.

  5. Overatted_ Spaghetti says:

    Me: haha *starts getting flashbacks of reading fanfics til 4 AM *

  6. Railfan 765 says:

    me: “imma read some of that good ol’ historical fiction over the weekend.”

    school: “fine with us, buddy! :P”

    me: *lip smack* crap.

  7. 1 sub before 2022 ? says:

    Everyone : “likes reading books”
    School : “read this one, it’s great”
    Everyone: “well now I am not doing it”

  8. ShiitakeLord says:

    literally anything: is required
    everybody: *n o.*

  9. JesiPanda says:

    Cryptic books are so over rated by school teachers

    English teacher: *sees “banned book” seal* okay its time to force this through my students ear holes and eyes in hopes of them understanding that they shouldn’t look at things with face value

    Me: *trying to see the world with something positive to learn, but has the entire message of the story wrong and everyone else having a more darker message* okay time to give up my college level reading speed

    • Jay Kaye says:

      there was this one banned short story we were read in class.basically little kid talking to a demon and getting the demon to eat abusive father on the down low. the teacher just wanted to show us what kind of work would be censored in the past.

  10. Audrey Bayly says:

    Jaiden: I don’t like reading

    Youtube: Here, have #1 on Trending

  11. ᴅᴀʀᴋWARRIOR says:

    Schools: *shut down*
    *insert howard the alien dance*

  12. SalmonArmy says:

    Has anyone read the warrior cats series? It’s really good, highly suggested.
    Also I will watch Jaiden’s videos until the quarantine is lifted!

  13. ArtTzi ‘ says:

    A real fan knows that when she was younger one of her mostly liked book was “maximum ride” 🙂

  14. Mikayla Phillips says:

    Yo “The Darkest Hour” in the Warriors series was frickin HORRIFIC with TigerStar’s death like oMg-

  15. little Ms. Aizawa says:

    ehh readings fine i guess…

    fanfic readers:

    *Nervous sweating*

    And also jaiden i want your mom i want to be forced to *READ* :)))

  16. Itz Scooter says:

    Ya know i dont really like reading…


  17. Asiboe says:

    I once instead of a book report wrote a 5 page essay on why I thought we shouldn’t have to read the book they gave us and I stil got good marks on that

  18. Sofia Cuervo says:

    Me: stays home all day
    Government: tells me to stay home and don’t go out

    me: well now I don’t wanna do it

  19. Watermelon Demon says:

    everybody else: likes reading

    me: doesn’t like reading but make comics to my school library

  20. A guy with Soup says:

    “Reading, books, library… is all boring.”

    You better take that back.

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