Why I got Fired

Why I got Fired

Thank you for 70k

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23 Responses

  1. 1400 says:

    him and milad are the only reason i wake up everyday now

  2. Tabish Rafique says:

    Everyone: watches video
    Me: *getting extreme anxiety when he throws the ice cream in the air 👁👄👁*

  3. Z'Naysa Anthony says:

    The alarm that went off sounded a lot like mine, so I got out of bed, grabbed my towel to bathe again, and said “Let me drop out…” before I realized what happened…

  4. Teddy.Yellow Buckets says:

    It’s completely normal to go blank on your first job or jobs your unfamiliar with, it happens to everybody, nobody’s perfect, I wish the world was more patient with people, but I’m glad you pulled through man! Your flipping that ice cream like a boss😉

  5. Banana Cheerio Writing says:

    I had to quit my job because it wasn’t for me, and the damage it was doing to my body was horrible. I have been crying about it because I felt that I had failed and that I was a failure. I really needed this video, thank you for making this video and existing ❤

  6. Imawaffle says:

    i got scared for a sec and then remembered what day it is.

    edit: it appears that the vid was not a prank and he may have been using reverse psychology.

  7. Såīkî Y/N_YT says:

    if these guys didn’t exist I would just lay down on my bed and just die-

  8. MilkToast says:

    I was expecting a punchline, but this was just a really wholesome story

  9. Oda Falz says:

    This is another worldly entity being witness. This man had no problem whatsoever catching those ice cream scoops.

  10. Squishy Park Jimin says:

    “You train the sink. I said ‘Well, how do you train the sink?’”
    My brain: Get it treats and tell it to sit.

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