Why I Left

Why I Left

Don’t just look beautiful. Feel beautiful.

Hello! I missed you all so much. I hope you enjoy this storybook. I’d like to make more, but I wanted your thoughts on what you would like to see from me. Please comment below your ideas. It’ll give me better direction on where to take things. Sending you all positive thoughts.

Projects I worked on during the year I was gone.

My beauty brand – https://www.emcosmetics.com/
Cruelty Free. Vegan Products. Made in USA

My web comic. Free to read – http://www.heliosfemina.com
[ I recently made updates to season 1. I added new music for Ch. 1 – 9 ]

♪ music ♫
Kristofferson –
“Where Do Tears Go”
“Broken Fairy Lullaby”
Please support her music! She’s an independent artist and creates the most magical songs. ♪

My IG : https://www.instagram.com/michellephan/
EM IG : https://www.instagram.com/emcosmetics/

Artist : https://www.instagram.com/averyota/
Video editor : Me

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20 Responses

  1. Tiffany Say says:

    The promo ad killed the whole purpose. 😭

  2. Sheeda Syed says:

    Smh at the dumb negativity in these comments.

  3. Ryan Kyojiri says:

    I’m edging near poverty heh
    money may not buy happiness if you have enough of it already but it sure as hell keeps ya from being stressed

  4. JP says:

    Didn’t know she left 😐

  5. chloe collins says:

    Why am I crying in the club rn.

  6. Lulu Sapphire says:

    All youtubers are so young. Things can get very overwhelming for them, specially with their lack of experience of real life situations. I honestly don’t blame them for getting anxiety or feeling depressed. My case is similar but different at the same time. I decided to open a boutique with my life saving at the age of 18, it was fairly successful but my dad got sick and I had to move out from where I was living and ended up selling it. After a while I decided to open a second store at age 22, that brings me to today. It’s not working out at all. I spent all my savings trying to sustain it, I am currently working night shifts so I can open it in the morning and I’m participating on flea markets on the weekends to sell and try to promote the store. Im exhausted, overwhelmed and frankly sacred. Some times I wish I could just disappear from all the problems I got myself into, so I completely understand Michelle for doing that. The road to success is a long and arduos one, and once you reach a fair amount of success problems just become bigger and harder to solve. At this point I’m questioning if all this is worth it? but when you think of all the trouble, humiliations and inability you have for not having money, that’s what keeps you motivated and that’s what keeps me from giving up. But I’m really tired… Michelle I wish you the best, life is really a pain but we have to keep on living, eventually things will get better. Problems will always be a problem, but without them life would be too good to be true.

  7. luke knudsvig says:

    This was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful

  8. Farah Mellin says:

    her voice is so soothing omfg

  9. Kellye McClelland says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Carly the Dino says:

    I would like to see your old makeup tutorials

  11. Adrian Hills says:

    This made me cry but yet very inspirational <3

  12. Sophia Josephine says:

    Wow what an amazing journey 💛 I’m glad you’ve found yourself again

  13. SimsSlave says:

    from subbed, to unsubbed, back to subbed. I love you Michelle, glad you’re back to shine your light on YouTube.

  14. shai clov says:

    this is like life lessons movie , incredibly beautiful

  15. Mikasa says:

    I feel like this is a movie xD

  16. Marilyn Badra says:

    When she said im sorry i honestly cried omg I love you Michelle, we will always love you ❤🙏

  17. Nicole Berbano says:

    We missed you Michelle! I hope you’ll be back soon!

  18. Chloe Graf says:

    All the videos are back!!!!

  19. Pia Suarez says:


  20. Anuu Gombo says:

    I have nothing good to say so I am gonna stfu 🤣

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