Why I Refuse To Buy Star Wars Battlefront!

Why I Refuse To Buy Star Wars Battlefront!

The Star Wars hype is real. Star Wars Battlefront looks to capitolize on that hype with a $50 season pass price tag on top of the $60 core game. Jeremy gives you his thoughts on EA bleeding Star Wars fans of $110 because “Star Wars”!

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20 Responses

  1. alabonga1238 says:

    you are indeed the voice of reason on youtube, not only for this video but
    for just every review

  2. denzel turtur says:

    Mario Kart 8 is a good example on how DLC should be done. for like 12
    bucks, you get 16 new courses, a bunch of new Kart gear, and 6 new
    characters; some of them from other games like link from legends of zelda,
    and villager and isabelle from Animal Crossings

  3. Lt. Christopher says:

    fuck DLC

  4. ProtomanBlues87 says:

    I said this same thing when Mortal Kombat X and Batman Arkham Knight came
    out earlier this year. I refuse to buy them until a complete edition is
    released, and at a reasonable price.

  5. johnschool says:

    stop looking at yourself.. its so annoying

  6. Mononobe No Futo says:

    i won’t buy the game either, this needs to stop

  7. Raul Carrillo says:

    Agree with you 100% I have been telling my friends this for years and no
    one seems to listen. Hope you can spread this idea and hope that developers
    stop selling us half-made games

  8. Eden Lindley says:

    in the game is it just running around killing other players, doesn’t like
    halo already do that, sound repetitive, if it had star wars creatures in it
    it would sound better but it sounds boring, i wish they would bring out
    another free play world game where you build your base then build an army
    and go attack other bases, like galactic battle grounds, that was a fun

  9. MrHuckabst says:

    I agree 100 percent. I also love Star Wars. Haven’t really care for EA for
    some time.

  10. Joker2CoLex says:

    $50 DLC season passes are BS and they shouldn’t be tolerated and until
    gamers understand that things will not change in the gaming community. By
    the way I can’t believe this video has over 500 dislikes sad that people
    don’t mind getting nickeled and dime by game companies.

  11. sixwunsevin says:

    Dammit Jeremy i am with you as star wars fan its going to hurt

  12. BlackDragn Games says:

    i’m just not gonna buy any fucking DLC idc about that….doesn’t look like
    a good game overall, DAMN IT EA

  13. Pirikko says:

    I haven’t bought any EA game since Spore, and I’ll never buy one again. I
    had enough of their shit back than, and it’s much worse now. I don’t
    understand how people just keep eating their shitty practices.

  14. nastynapes says:

    I had the game on pre-order, then I thought about Destiny. I noped on it
    and got my money back.

  15. StickHits says:

    You think you have it bad in the US? It’s $69 in Canada.

  16. Sans Red (Dawei) says:

    Wait one day after release, torrent, play, uninstall, 0 monies spent EZPZ

  17. kemosabe19 says:

    Thank you.

    More YouTubers should have videos like this. Vote with your wallet for
    gaming should be a movement. This sh*t is not ok. Games are costing $100+
    now with DLC. That sh*t is again, not ok! Either the game needs to be less
    when it first comes out and then have some DLC, or DLC needs to be less. I
    wish DLC wasn’t even a thing.

    Some companies like Bethesda can do DLC right. Most do not. $20 for a few
    new maps? I will never understand how people think this is ok.

    I don’t pre-order anymore either. Video games are not scarce anymore. There
    is no need for pre-ordering.


  18. W3AP0NX says:

    I totally agree with you Jeremy, and this is why I haven’t bought Destiny
    and won’t buy SW Battlefront. Last time I was disappointed with a game was
    Marvel vs Capcom 3, I remeber the time when you unlocked characters after
    beating the game or input a code, but they released the game and you had to
    buy some of the characters the same day wtf! they did the same thing with
    operation Racoon city not only did they give us a crappy game but it was an
    incomplete crappy game. Game companies keep screwing us but unfortunately I
    don’t see them stopping since 99% of the gamer community buy the season
    passes and DLC that should have been included in the game for free.

  19. mojo217z78 says:

    We’re all a bunch of suckers. Just making ceos filthy rich off of our
    passions. I agree with the dude. Gotta draw the line in the sand.

  20. Imperfect Comic says:

    On Point Jahns! I like DLCS, but i feel they should come out, maybe, around
    6 months to a year later. Like the olden days of COD. You get a few more
    maps, maybe another game mode for 20$. It’s like going to the movie theater
    to watch the force awakens for 20$ and you can optionally pay an additional
    15$ to see extra 10 minutes of footage.