Why I Stopped Shaving My Legs • Ladylike

Why I Stopped Shaving My Legs • Ladylike


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Making sure my legs are smooth to the touch
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Woman shaving hairy legs with plastic razor
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Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) treating skin cancer on leg
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Woman shaving hairy legs with plastic razor
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70 Responses

  1. kataramorrell14 says:

    Listen. All of you saying “I don’t shave in the winter”/”I only shave when people are going to see” are missing the point. Not shaving only because no one is going to see your body hair just shows that you still have internalized shame over having body hair in the first place. I understand that just being comfortable with having your body hair grown out is the first step to accepting it, but until you can accept yourself being out in public wearing shorts with hairy legs, you are still under the societal expectation to have hair only on the “appropriate” parts of your body. That’s what Chantel is saying. Women wouldn’t be shaving their legs/armpits in the first place if no one ever told us that we had to. Our body hair is natural, and is still perfectly hygienic if you bathe everyday like you’re supposed to. Those of you who say you shave for yourself, but still feel ashamed being caught with stubble on your legs, are still under the sexist belief that women should not have body hair. Only when you stop caring how society views your body hair can you say that the decision to shave is your own.

    • Alice Samena says:

      +James Green As a woman who shaves because she likes the feel of it, I can tell you this comment didn’t at all come across as her trying to tell me I’m suppose to shave. It came across as someone who is asking those who -say- they shave only for themselves, but then turn around and actually do let their hair grow in situations where only they know it’s there, that perhaps they aren’t actually shaving for themselves. If they’re the people who shave all of the time, no matter who is viewing it or not, then you’re shaving for yourself, not for others.

    • Mister Misty Eyes says:

      +kataramorrell14 “Manslpation” Really? That’s not even a word ?

  2. Ashley nicole says:

    I think it might be the color of your skin. You have a very olive complexion and I feel as if maybe it hides the hair better. I’m deathly pale with dark hair and mine is very noticeablez The only part of my body that I “let go” are definitely my legs. It’s very uncomfortable to me when my arm pits or other areas get hairy. In the winter I will definitely not shave until I absolutely have too. I do feel embarrassed when I happen to have my hairy legs exposed but I just don’t have the time to shave every morning. It’s really about time management for me. I really only shave my legs once a week regularly and if I happen to be running late that day then it doesn’t get done. My armpits takes two seconds so I do shave them everyday.

    • Julia says:

      Im super pale with dark thick hair and I don’t shave. People don’t really notice and don’t care. Anyone can grow out their hair lol

    • LinaJanine says:

      Personally I don’t shave because I have see through leg hair ??

    • Gabriella Scollo says:

      This is true, but it’s not necessarily about not seeing the hair but just not caring about it or wanting to have body hair

  3. Aggie_Games says:

    Loving those socks Chantel. This is an amazing message to every woman.

  4. Cassiopeia Sama says:

    even if nobody sees it, isn’t it uncomfortable to be hairy? I HAVE to shave

    • Isabel G.S says:

      It’s really not, and besides, if it were that uncomfortable to be hairy, everyone would feel compelled to shave, not just girls

    • Ravyn Perez says:

      Most men live with hair all over them their whole life girl it’s not uncomfortable. I haven’t shaved the whole month I’ve been home from college haha

    • Laney B says:

      It’s uncomfortable to me. Mine is super thick and hairy and the hairs stab me. And when my legs are hairy, my legs get pimples and Ingrown hairs and it’s just gross…if I were to grow it out and tan it would lighten but I can’t anymore so. If I use a scrub it helps but it’s just as expensive as shaving ??‍♀️ so, I shave when it starts to affect my skin. My bf doesn’t care when I do grow it though.

    • Tyler Dyer says:

      Cassiopeia Sama Hi(: I have to admit that the weird in between lengths are hard for me to not shave, but if I just look forward to how soft it will be in a couple more weeks, it’s worth it!

    • Misu Hime says:

      I think it depends on the person. I tried letting my leg hair grow in for a few months, but it’s super curly. I think it got to be a half inch long and I kept getting ingrown hairs, which are painful and annoying (basically looked like i had leg pimples). I only shave once my hair reaches a certain length now to avoid ingrown hairs, which seems backwards because I was always told shaving causes ingrown hairs? Long story short, for me its uncomfortable but I’ve learned that I don’t need to shave all the time

  5. Jenna Augsburger says:

    I’m 20 and haven’t shaved my legs in over 2 years and I love it. The only time people have commented on my hairy legs (I have dark hair too so it’s very visible) is other women complimenting me and saying how they’re considering doing it too. I only occasionally shave my armpits for cosplays. I actually feel more feminine with my body hair. Shaving takes too long and I hate that moment when you’re lying in bed about to sleep then you remember you need to get up and shave your legs!!!

  6. TeenageDisaster says:

    For me I shave once and awhile just because I don’t want to leave the shower or to feel the smoothness. Then I let em grow!

  7. Phoebe Murray says:

    personally, shaving my legs and armpits gives me confidence.

  8. Kim Haneul says:

    I’m 16 and I’ve never shaved before

  9. K Meredyk says:

    I just shave for the feeling for putting pants on after

  10. Kim Haneul says:

    I’ve never talked about this before and it’s just a preference but I like men that aren’t hairy

  11. Anabelle Hache says:

    “Let it grow, let it grow”?

  12. Yummy Potato says:

    You shouldn’t have to explain this.

  13. Olivia Francis says:

    I only shave my legs about once every two months because I prefer the in-between length, and I only shave once it’s gets itchy

  14. Alice Dole says:

    I don’t shave my legs because I don’t want to

  15. Sid The Sloth says:

    I mustache you a question but I’ll shave it for later

  16. M love says:

    Great video!

    We dont just shave because we naturally “want” to. We as women are pressured into doing it. Of course when you get shamed if you don’t, you “want” to do it. But if shaving wasn’t a thing, no one would just do it. If cutting your eyelashes was the standard for women instead, we would “want” to do that rather than to shave our legs. How we alter/change our bodys from their natural state is never just a personal choice, but always influenced by patriarchy

    • James Green says:

      +Chloe How is that relevant here? Because I am a male I’m not allowed an opinion on female matters? Things sure would be very different if I said the same thing to you, huh. Learn some common decency and respect, then come back to my comment.

    • Super Feel says:

      the reason some women shave their legs is so they don’t end up looking like a hobbit

    • Kookie & Tae says:

      I have never shaved I do get pressured to wax my facial hair but I don’t give into the pressure

  17. Amanda Jonson says:

    I don’t care what other people do but shaving my legs is for me no one else ? I’m not trying to cut myself on my leg hair

    • maryandchild says:

      If you grow it out, it isn’t sharp. It becomes very soft and lovely. Have you ever cut yourself on a man’s leg hair?

  18. Snowy Titanic says:

    I personally don’t grow hair and I prefer it just because I love my smooth skin

  19. Ya Boi says:

    I just shave because it feels nice.

  20. xXBrittany20Xx says:

    Its winter…and i have hairy legs right now. ?

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