Why I tape Jeopardy

Why I tape Jeopardy

Daily Double Snap

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20 Responses

  1. picklesnorf101 says:

    You get ’em gurl!!! Fabulous!

  2. Kaczor Donald says:

    why he acts like a faggot??

  3. Tito Mendes says:

    BITCH YOU BETTER WORK !! *Rupaul voice*

  4. Fly says:

    Lmao that fucking snap.

  5. jeff smeenge says:

    what is “why do people hate Moz?”

  6. Anubis Evans says:


  7. Wessel van den Broek says:


  8. Chipsflickan says:

    Hilarious !

  9. watchdealer11 says:

    I fucking knew that one! I have never, ever needed anything from Gr 11
    English before!

  10. watchdealer11 says:


  11. INFID37 says:

    oh snap, girl

  12. kdog67 says:

    Oh girl I got this mmhmmm

  13. spoyledbratt says:

    Yas, bish, yaaas.

  14. Morris Buttermaker says:

    *”Deez nuts! Ha!!!!!! Ghadi!!!! Ghadi!!!!!”*

  15. Jeff The Ripper says:


  16. Music Channel says:

    what was the big deal?

  17. herpaderp1470 says:

    That guy has some serious sass (*´>д<)

  18. omino arrowflash says:

    shit covered cock

  19. Wayne B says:

    That snap literally made me go “yas!”

  20. klarusboy says:

    aww hes so adorable!