why i took a break + what’s next for me

why i took a break + what’s next for me

i recently took a break from content creation & social media, wanted to talk to you guys about it and the decision i’ve made. ♡ thank you for taking the time to listen.

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33 Responses

  1. Pokimane says:

    I want to loudly say that I’m NOT quitting streaming, and any clickbait articles that try to say that should be shunned 😠 + I want to thank Twitch for being my home for so many years 💜 I’m simply looking forward to exploring more avenues of content creation, while still visiting “home” frequently 🙂

    • Win says:

      I know that feeling poki. so you just have really focus for whatever makes you happy so in the end you won’t regret anything

    • Jovani Araiza Cortes says:

      Great idea 🙂

    • Tristan Wallis says:

      Good on u for speaking out but have u got any advice for me because I want to be a gamer / streamer but my mum won’t let me and idk what to do. If u see this and reply I would be very grateful as I know ur probably too busy

    • coltdee says:

      Super relatable message in this video, one of the phrases that has been resonating with me lately that I feel like may ring true for you is the idea of “living to work v.s. working to live”. Sometimes (especially in creative roles) it’s so easy to get swept up in only creating – meanwhile you forget what it’s like to just go have a drink with a friend, stay at your parents house for no reason, or simply go take a walk to the park and touch some grass. Finding new things to master and life challenges is essential to living! You got this Poki!

    • Lance Benavides says:

      @Southern Drone And Photography what a yikes comment.

  2. DaisyyMichelle says:

    This is exactly how I felt after uploading just Fortnite for 3 years. People don’t understand how burnt out you feel as a content creator/streamer. A lot of the people I know in this space also tend to live very unhealthy lifestyles, both physically & mentally. Loved that you put this out there though!! At the end of the day you’re only human & deff need to do whatever makes you feel best!

  3. Purplecliffe says:

    Your anthony padilla interview helped me a LOT in my mental journey with content creation. You’ve been one of the most influential streamers for over half a decade now, and it’s so good to see a creator at the top letting others know that taking breaks is important

  4. Ying - 莺 says:

    “Not wanting to participate in the rat race” is such a good way to put it; I’m seeing more and more content creators move in the direction of following their personal joy over chasing a bandwagon. Excited to see where this leads for you, and thank you for sharing your candid thoughts with us!!

  5. SneakerTalk says:

    Glad you got to discover yourself more during your break 🙂 You look like you’re in a happier place now! Keep breathing 😇

  6. Talia Mar says:

    I know this must’ve been hard but I’m so glad you feel like you’re finding yourself 🥹 proud of you❤️❤️

  7. AsianGuyStream says:

    I’ve been struggling to find a way to put similar feelings into words so thank you for doing so. The breathing analogy was spot on and I completely relate to not feeling that desire to rush to the PC and stream as soon as you wake up.

    My content creation journey is still in its baby steps, but this video reassured me that pursuing happiness instead of ‘streaming trendy things to remain competitive’ is the direction I want to continue taking.

    I hope more joy and peace keeps finding its way to you Poki, thank you for the video 🥳

  8. Absorber says:

    don’t get me wrong, streaming is so fun. interacting with viewers, making memories, etc. – but yeah, there’s so much more that us streamers haven’t done in the real world. i cut my streaming/uploading schedule in half last year, and i’m not gonna lie.. kind of the best thing that’s ever happened lmaooo.

    so happy for you, good luck with everything 🤍

    • TimBuck2 says:

      I haven’t watched this video yet but is it Poki finally admitting she’s doing only fans ?

    • Desiree Heremaia says:

      Especially now, with the world opening up again. It’s great!

    • Josipa Tojčić says:

      @Santiago Moreno exactly. The difference is some people can’t afford to follow the path of personal growth, exploration and living in general.
      Hell, most people can’t go on a month break to recuperate.
      Not saying those who can should feel bad. At all. But it does bring up.. a weird.. feeling. Listening and reading these things. These are issues we all face but most aren’t privileged enough to resolve.

    • 313 Sauvage says:

      BRO SAID “US STREAMERS” 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • Hayes says:

      Cringe asf

  9. jakenbakeLIVE says:

    Gives me hope that I can take a break soon! Always remain a huge inspiration ty Poki <3

  10. joshseki says:

    I always appreciate your transparency so much and I’m so happy for you!!! Always rooting for you poki, good luck on your next steps <3

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