Why I was really audited.

Why I was really audited.

The true story of why the IRS is targeting me.


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20 Responses

  1. JerDude says:

    All of these videos have been great Steve!

  2. Emma Mitchell says:

    I want to die

  3. Mini Koala says:

    This is reina’s channel right? Who is this guy?

  4. Chubbuz says:

    Suptic is such a meaty boy and would love him with some fine wine????

  5. Quin says:

    sweet little chicken boys validate my existence with likes!

  6. TheDarkWut GoogleMadeMeCreateThisShittyAccount says:

    misread as “autisted”

  7. Slacks says:

    Thank you for uploading steven! 🙂
    Now for something mean to fit in.

  8. simplebeautyxx says:

    Boy does Steven like milking being audited and sourcefed being cancelled

  9. Snoopliest says:

    your videos are like fucking crack.

  10. Tyler Swan says:

    yo why the fuck did you steal Steve’s bike

  11. Noelle says:

    Anyone else think he was gonna sing guns for hands by twenty one pilots

  12. Karan says:

    im so glad steve is uploading so often now but at the same time i miss sourcefed so much :'(

  13. Sebastian Chavez says:

    So did you buy a bike just to break it for a gag…… slow clap…

  14. Zachary Archambault says:

    More SourceFed cameos please.

  15. Arc520 says:

    “wow good thing I have insomnia”
    said probably everyone here!

  16. James Logan says:

    I feel like I’m watching a tv show of Suptic’s life. This is great.

  17. TrickAnswer says:

    RIP Bike. 2017-2017.

  18. Gabriel Say says:

    I hate when my neck bleeds from a spinal injury

  19. StevenSuptic says:

    Just to be clear this was my actual tax guy and I had to pay him like $250 to be on camera.

  20. JustBlueTruth says:

    I want Steve and Cib to film gay porn together

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