Why Indiana Left the Podcast – Dropouts #141

Why Indiana Left the Podcast – Dropouts #141

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Many of you have been asking where Indiana has been lately… on this week’s episode she comes on to explain why she’s been gone and what happened. This is a sensitive and complicated situation for us so we ask that you please remember that behind the faces on your screens there are three very real people, with very real emotions.

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39 Responses

  1. roshni says:

    jared isn’t appreciated enough. he honestly deserves the world.

  2. Thomas Ayres says:

    This is a tough conversation to have in private, let alone sharing it to the world. So I want to say thank you Zach, Indiana and Jared for sharing this moment with us. It means a lot that you are willing to be so transparent and open with your fans.

    • Earth says:

      Hi, can you please summarize it for me why she left? Or lead me to a time stamp 🙂

    • Thomas Ayres says:

      This may come off as trying to be a “armchair therapist”, but my intent is to share a piece of my own experience and what I learned from it. Having been with a person that had negative mental health/ tendencies and also having been such a person… no matter how much you love them and how much you do for them people generally change when they finally get to a place when they have had enough of their own shit. Unfortunately that sometimes happens after everything seems to blow up in their face, hurting them and those who tried to help. No matter how life goes from here, the best apology is changed behavior.

  3. luis g says:

    It’s so inspiring to see kids (relative I’m 39) talk about relationships this way. To love each other this way. To be real and apologize is the hardest thing to do sometimes. Good job.

    • lanamoli says:

      I agree. Indi is so young to be realizing all these things and getting help, I am so happy for her. When I was her age, my parents did not let me go to therapy, because I was not ‘crazy enough’. Not even mention medication. And toxic relationships were romanticized in movies and books (if a boy stalked you and hurt you it means he loooves you). This gives me hope that things might be changing.

  4. Junior Monnereau says:

    Zach being serious is not something I was ready for

  5. Rustic Films says:

    I had a very similar relationship with a past best friend of mine who had severe mental health trauma and I felt like I had to stay because I didn’t want her to do anything to herself if I left. She became very physically and emotionally abusive, but I felt like I had to be some saviour. So I totally understand what it is like to be in zachs shoes. It’s not about being a hero, but you just feel so scared for their safety that you can’t let go.

    • bob ert says:

      Going through the same thing with a friend at the moment but iv pretty much given up trying to help. Can’t help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves. Glad this girl did.

    • MeiLi Mccannsayles says:

      I totally feel that I had an ex who was very depressed and I was so scared if I left she would do something but eventually for me it got too much and it ended up being so bad for me that I ended up going to the hospital. Either way it feels like a lose lose situation

  6. N. N says:

    its so weird to see zach so seriouuss omg i just wish them all the best

    • Brooklyn Bu says:

      was waiting for someone to laugh😭but it was real never seen him this serious

    • Janelle Oliver says:

      @Lindsay Kid girl same. I ran to the comments to see if this was serious or not.

    • Elithebomber X says:

      @Olivia Blevins me too like i saw a tear go down his cheek and i nearly started crying

    • Lindsay Kid says:

      Ya when I started watching I was laughing my butt off trying to decide how he was going to drop the punch line. It even crossed my mind that indy was a good actor! We could tell something was going on. Best wishes to the both of you!

  7. Bo says:

    This was a rough listen. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. This was a difficult, very human situation, and hearing you all talk through it with so much love was both painful and lovely.

    • Logan Petersen says:

      @No I see it as sometimes people have to hit rock bottom to really get a perspective of what they have done.

    • Brooklyn Bu says:

      @No some people lash out different ways some ppl can walk away or some people dont if ur not in that situation and experiencing those feelings def not our place to judge her reactions. all thats matters is that she explained herself and shes trying to make a difference.

    • XanderRoels says:

      True Americans often are

    • Matt Franco says:

      @sneaker doctor the problem with that is you can’t judge a person other than on their actions lol but we’re all kind of pieces of shit when we’re going through things that distract us from self-awareness

    • sneaker doctor says:

      to sum up my point not a bad person just a good person being mean because of a bad situation

  8. Josée Ouellette says:

    That was heavy and I can’t imagine how hard this was for all of you. Thank you for you being so honest and raw. I so appreciate it because we are all having a human experience and navigating shit we’ve never encountered before. This was a really great podcast (at least for me). You all had a reason to be on each other’s path and I hope that you can all grow from this. Sending you love ❤️


    this literally made my heart hurt. I am so so sympathetic for Zach and the situation that he was put in. He and Jared seem like such sweet caring individuals. I really feel for Indiana because it’s heard to change and be something different to what you have been exposed to your entire life. Poor Jared in the middle of this ‘turmoil’ between his close friends. I wish all three of them the best and I am so sorry that the situation was so bad.

  10. BlazinThat says:

    Can we just give a shout out to Zack for being such an Amazing human? A lot of people give him crap because of his on air persona but he really is a great dude.

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