Why Indonesia is Moving Their Capital City

Why Indonesia is Moving Their Capital City

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Select video clips courtesy of the AP Archive

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47 Responses

  1. IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】 says:

    The CG rendering for the new capital city looked really amazing! Indonesia is a HUGE country (with the population twice of that of Japan’s!!!). This means that the gravity of South East Asia will move to Borneo island. I’d like to visit the new capital city one day when the travel restrictions are lifted.

    • Syarif Hidayat says:

      @Dan you just same like that poor tourist, claim bad of everything talk too much but your money is cheap, no help but always complaint

    • dzz9 says:

      Malaysia should take a similar initiative and make Kota Kinabalu the new capital

    • CupofTea says:

      @モレナウエル thanks 🙂

    • Zaydan Naufal says:

      @Unknown101 Like other countries already free from that thing and its consequences. Well, nope. The US still handles it. China still handles it. Thailand still. Even Brunei still handles it, despite one golden age in 2021. No countries that are free from that thing except for those who strenghen the citizens to 100% like Bhutan and Israel and countries that so far away from tourist like Nauru etc, or North Korea (tho they’re still battling against it, look what they’re wearing during that celebration).

    • Mauludin Sahel says:


  2. bababababababa says:

    The “building new capital city” thing can always be a hit or miss, it can end up like Brasilia or Abuja and look pretty nice, or be like Naypyidaw and be completely empty

  3. hedwig041 says:

    Great video! Just want to let you know you need to switch the locations of Sydney and Melbourne! As a Melbourne girl myself I’m quite proud to be from the south of Australia 😄

  4. Sheesh Machine says:

    An interesting take i heard on this was that this is also a geopolitical move, by moving the capital to east kalimantan, Indonesia opens up an eastern corridor that will be able to take away influence from the straits of Malacca. This is in line with the history of the empires in Java and the influence the straits of Malacca they are subjected to. By creating this eastern corridor they allow for trade from north asia to flow downwards to Taiwan, the Philippines, and finally through eastern Indonesia thereby decreasing the dependence of Indonesia in the straits.

  5. Mike Christ says:

    Another fun facts is:
    Indonesian Government since Independence (1945) already moved the capital city 5 times in 5 years due to political and military instability:
    Jakarta (1945-1946)
    Yogyakarta (1946-1948)
    Bukittinggi (1948-1949)
    Yogyakarta (1949-1950)
    Jakarta (1950-…)

    So, If the government declare the capital city is Nusantara by 2024 ,then Indonesia government already moved its capital city 6 times. I believe that is the world record for this achievement 😁

  6. Joseph_nus says:

    The new Capital city, as of the time I wrote this, is planned to be named “Nusantara”, which translates to “Archipelago”.
    As someone who grown up in Jakarta and also experienced living at other city in Java Island for few short years, I fully embrace this decision to move the Capital city. It is the right thing to do, at least to alleviate Jakarta overpopulation problem since right now the city itself is not condusive anymore for most of its citizens.
    The government made this decision based on that time when USA moved their capital from New York to Washington D.C.

    • Haru Krentz says:

      @david petersen most of its citizens disagreed when Ignatius Jonan reform the Indonesian Trains Company, most of its citizens disagreed when Jokowi revamp the Jakarta rivers and ponds by forcefully liquidating the illegal settlements, most of its citizens disagreed when Jokowi introduced healthcare systems known as KJP, KIJ, KIS, Pre-Work programs, now everyone tries to claim the credit. I wonder if Most of Indonesians citizen are short-sighted id iot?

    • david petersen says:

      @Haru Krentz Don’t get me wrong . A new shiny, clean city is always a thing of beauty. But I find it ironic the people in power choose a location as far away from a majority of it’s citizens as possible. “Yes.. let’s build a dozen coal fired plants for the masses while we head to the jungle and live on renewables and fresh fruit growing in the back yard.”

    • Joltie RL says:

      kinda stupid honestly, Nusantara should be the name of our country instead of this stupid foreign given name of Indonesia and the capital name could be anything

    • Aldorino says:

      sebenarnya karena macet doang sih

    • Steven Karanov says:

      @Haru Krentz well its tradition to our people after all to take credit of other’s work.

  7. jackflashx says:

    Hopefully it doesn’t cause a huge population growth and thus a negative impact on the environment. Living in Borneo, I’ve seen how municipalities have allowed destruction of the forest due to greed (even seeing seeing government officials legally change their race to acquire native land). What was once a beautiful Forrest when I was a child, has rapidly become a barren land or monoculture 😢

    • Mike Wallice says:

      @SmileSmite just ignore him…just some ignorant kid in the comment section.

    • Zaydan Naufal says:

      @Azzam Alqudsi Including Malaysia too. Do you see the forest of Sabah and Sarawak sold to conglos? Only Brunei and Singapore that isn’t backward (despite that Drew guy thinks) and corrupt. Peace out.

    • Iqbal Indaryono says:

      @SmileSmiteYou’re missing his point, it’s easy to say that we should preserve the land when it’s not the land you’re living in. A better example would be, would anyone in a first world country want to move from their own house to a 3mx4m room? Because that is how huge some houses are in Indonesia. Would someone from a first world country eat only once a day for a decade? Because some people here in Indonesia are literally starving to death. Indonesia is the 4th largest in terms of population size while also being a developing country. The europeans and americans already did their fair share of forest destruction during the industrial revolution. Right now, developing countries are going through their own industrial revolution at the cost of the land. Is it really fair to allow millions of people to continue to live in poverty so the other billion could be “saved” while they themselves do nothing? Why should Indonesia bear the brunt of the cost so the rest of the world can sit on their asses and watch the world burn? Greenpeace? WWF? Team Seas? Do people really think that a million dollar solution can solve a trillion dollar problem? It’s okay to call that other guy selfish, but at least look at your own country.

      If your country have the money to burn on green iniatives then great. But a developing country sure as hell doesn’t, especially when it has to deal with 300 million people.

    • SmileSmite says:

      @Iqbal Indaryono my country has a shit government, its all good and well to say that Indonesians live in poverty and tiny houses, but how is ripping through native forests that support a large percent of the worlds oxygen supposed to solve the climate cieis and rising sea levels which are threatening Jakarta.

    • SmileSmite says:

      @Iqbal Indaryono Money is worthless when the planet is being destroyed, if you don’t care about the shitshow that the planet will find itself in 2020, sure, but I do.

  8. The Meme Republic says:

    Another country in the process of moving their capital is Equatorial Guinea, theyre moving their current one (Malabo) to a city currently in construcion deep inside the country (Oyala/Ciudad de la Paz)

    • Dyspozytor Hubi says:

      Yeah nice that some body also knows about this one. I has always seemed pretty odd to me to have capital on an Island while haveing most of country’s landmass on the contonent

  9. Trupthi Bhambore says:

    I can vouch for the traffic from Bogor to Jakarta. I lived in Cibubur, Bogor for 2 months and it was terrible. Even to move around within Bogor. We missed an important business meeting, the reason for us to be in the country due to traffic, at 8 am.. This coming from a person who lived in Bangalore for years which has the worst traffic in all of India… 😑

  10. Ghostah says:

    As a person from Myanmar, the best reason we think the military moved the capital is because of their need for safety in an environment when they were increasingly unpopular. They wanted to be safe and they’ve even built multiple safeguards into Naypyidaw’s design such as the 20-30 lane highways which double as landing strips for military planes in case of an emergency. The military has done what it wanted with selfish and little thought like change the country’s name, cancel currency that was not a multiple of the dictator’s lucky number etc. So it’s safe to say climate change concerns would have been insignificant or even negligible in their thought process

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