Why Iran is Helping Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Why Iran is Helping Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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Select video clips courtesy of Getty Images

Select video clips courtesy of the AP Archive

Special thanks to MapTiler / OpenStreetMap Contributors and GEOlayers 3

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45 Responses

  1. srun sokhok says:

    Iran: You hate America?
    Random country: Yes!
    Iran: Here is your weapon.

  2. Samuel Adler says:

    What makes RealLifeLore exceptional is that instead of stringing together an overly simplified story, the channel gives you a whole messy web and walks you through how it all works.

    • Greg The Raven says:

      @syncopated feb Arabs? listen dude all of these leaders including the shah weren’t elected by their people but imposed by foreign powers in a way or another once their use is over and expired they get ride of them in different methods. a theocratic sectarian regime in Iran is far more beneficial of the west than a secular dictatorship since it brought back long gone sectarian Chios and bloodshed in the region which can destroy countries from within like Iraq or Lebanon then these factions can be used left and right. the theocratic fever too destroyed socialist Afghanistan, Iraq. actually theocratic Iran is far more less danger to Israel it made it more safe than ever. they used the shah then they get ride of him then they used Saddam and then get ride him….

    • Victor Quesada says:

      ​@Adr24 my own knowledge of it is pretty limited, to be honest, most of it comes from the radio lab episode about using tapes that could be broadcast across the radio getting smuggled back into Iran. But it is truly fascinating and sad to see how these patterns keep echoing forward, it seemed like something out of Orwell’s Catalonia memoir. How the idealists and freedom fighters get completely sucker punched by their erstwhile allies because the enemy of my enemy is not really my friend, just another enemy.

    • Victor Quesada says:

      ​@TheForsakeen – you make a really good point about the role of artillery and the stockpiles never seeming to match the needs when a war really gets started. However, something that’s useful from the Perun videos, it’s important to remember that the role of artillery is not to be fired, especially not to fire for the sake of firing, but rather to destroy something of strategic or tactical value. From what little I’ve noticed, it seems like Russia’s capacity to flatten an area or pockmark it with craters does not seem to lead to valuable gains of territory or meaningful destruction of Ukraine’s ability to wage counter offensives. While it would be good for Ukraine to have access to have your weapons and more ammunition for those weapons, it seems that the precision and range they do have available has served them well.

    • Victor Quesada says:

      ​@Adr24 that’s a good point to start with if you want to unpack CIA shenanigans in the area.

      Honestly though, I’m just grateful that he rewound far enough to get to the bottom of the Great Game stuff between Russia and Persia/Iran/Colonial UK. Not enough folks get the concept of how far back to go. Most organic country borders use defensible positions to demarcate boundaries, and for Russia, as empire, USSR, or the “Federation,” they will always crave those resources and boundaries these border regions provide.

    • Steel says:

      ​@chad mapping Being “neutral” is damn near impossible. Especially with the war being recent and such. And to top it all of, being “neutral” is the best way to spread propaganda.

  3. Alvin Bontuyan says:

    Only after watching this, did I truly understand (or partly understand) the geopolitical pieces and historical events that have happened in this part of the world

  4. Cuban says:

    Videos like this make you realize how little alot of us truly know, about what’s going on around the world, and all the Geopolitical things going on as well. It opens your eyes into how important every little thing is, and how conflicts and power struggles have been happening for centuries.

  5. Mohammad Al-hajj says:

    Lebanese here. please reach out to Jad Ghoson, a local journalist/politician/pod-caster who has very balanced and thought out ideas regarding the politics/economy of the Middle East. I would love to see you look more into the proxy wars and shenanigans in this quagmire of a country.
    P.S. I find you to be an amazing source of info and insight. Thank you for the amazing works you and your team produce.

  6. Amani BERRE says:

    The insane amount of detail in this video is incredible, informative and the best.

    • Ranar14 says:

      Detail like the icon for American small arms being the ak47 xD. Or the slide where they say “the third largest customer of russian produced weapons” shows the FAL. The Belgian FAL famously known as “the Right Arm of the Free (aka not communist) World.”

    • jättikuukunen says:

      Yet it still feels like it’s only scratching the surface.

    • ooblah10 says:

      ​@Mercy Ogunsakin don’t just cry he’s lying point out where he’s lying and how it’s false. Or you not real and just botman ?

    • Koharumi says:

      Unlike various other videos…

    • Mercy Ogunsakin says:

      False information… Lies over Lies!

  7. Kirill says:

    Nebula still doesn’t offer alternative payment options. It’s a shame that RLL content is locked away like this by a company that doesn’t know how people outside of the US pay.

    • Gavolav says:

      ​@Kirill Are you sure? They say on their website that they accept PayPal as well

    • Kirill says:

      @Gavolav Nebula requires you to pay by credit card and doesn’t offer any other option. That’s quite unusual where I live.

    • Caesar X Insanium says:

      Would they accept my NFTs as payment?

    • Zyo117 says:

      In Canada for example, Visa Debit is almost ubiquitous with bank cards.

    • LEO8341 says:

      @Kirill Hmm can you not use your debit card in lieu of credit card if it’s issued by either Visa/Mastercard? I ask because my bank’s debit card are in partnership with visa, so I use it in lieu of CC all over the internet without issues.

  8. Kennedy Poston says:

    I always have to watch these multiple times it’s such an over load of information. It’s really hard to wrap your brain around how truly vast world history actually is and how you can track what’s going on today with what has already happened 🤯

  9. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I absolutely admire how you can put so much information in one video. These are arguably the best modern history lectures all over YT. Thank you for this excellent job.

  10. Brayden Turner says:

    I purchased a 1 year subscription to Nebula just to watch your videos. You never cease to impress with the quality and breadth of your videos.

    • dajosh42069 says:

      Nebula gave me a little trouble with casting to my Chromecast. BUT, only once. Worked great aside from that. And I LOVE his Modern Conflicts series. I’d recommend Nebula most definitely. Def worth the cost, especially with the discount.

    • Dizzy Mapping says:

      @Jaskaran Virdi for me nebula has been really smooth with little to no issues. Pretty sure the platform has been cleaned up a lot from one year ago. 9/10 would reccomend

    • Jaskaran Virdi says:

      ​@Pacheko Thank you for sharing, I was just about to switch to Nebula until I read this comment! I hate streaming issues

    • Pacheko says:

      Did that one year ago, unfortunately had a bad experience with streaming. Was really really slow for me, asked for a refund and they delivered. Might try it again, it has great content.

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