Why Is Freezer Burn Ruining My Food?

Why Is Freezer Burn Ruining My Food?

Freezer burn, what’s your deal? Why are you ruining our dinner plans?

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. tititiwon says:

    The friend of the friend of the friend of my brother told me (ofc not me)
    that sometimes without any meaning we has a bonner. Why does it happen? Is
    there something analogous with girls??

  2. Thoughticality says:

    And one more question: What is the cause of a hemangioma compared to a
    normal birthmark and also what is the difference between a hemangioma and
    regular birth mark? a hemangioma is also known as a strawberry birthmark.

  3. Blaze the Fox says:

    Fun fact: If you have a freezer without a frost free function, you can
    store food and meat 10+ years with minimal burning.

  4. Alejandro Cordova says:

    whatsapp group of scishow fans send the word scischow through whatsapp to

  5. ReaperEOD says:

    Why does dropping a bottled soft drink cause it to explode?

  6. Kyle Trommler says:

    I’d eat a taun taun… :|

  7. guilherme o says:

    Once I bought an expensive ice cream box, but I leave it in the freezer to
    eat it in an special day. When that day arrived, I open up and find those
    weird green stuff on it, so I threw it away in the garbage =(

  8. Kim Brown says:

    why is it so hard to eat only one dorito?

  9. ErusPhoebus says:

    why you vacuum seal your food before freezing

  10. Emilio López says:

    Do an episode on whey protein

  11. Avî says:

    ohhh so that explains why meat gets brown spots

  12. stellarfirefly says:

    No mention of cellular disruption? That is another major part of freezer
    burn. When water turns to ice, crystals form and the volume expands. Both
    of these together very often cause ice within the cells (both animal and
    plant cells) to pierce the cell walls. Then when the food is thawed, there
    are far fewer intact cells and a decent amount of cytoplasm and cell
    innards spilling about.

  13. qoaa says:

    my ex wife was sublimated

  14. Xajoc8 says:

    Thank you to our Patreons who keep these ANSWERS coming? xD

  15. Raymond Smith says:

    Pretty sure the fish TV dinner that has been in my freezer for 4 years
    isn’t safe to eat. I’m not totally sure it was safe 4 years ago.

  16. John Doe says:

    Wait one sec how does sublimation take place, without heat?

  17. Gabriel_SDC says:

    por q o youtube me mando isso

  18. Chad9976 says:

    didn’t they already do a video on this? or was that ASAP?

  19. Antonio Smith says:

    good fucking video because I usually thru that shyt away


    i always be like hungry