Why Is It So Hard To Fall Asleep?

Why Is It So Hard To Fall Asleep?

Falling asleep might be difficult, but if you’re having trouble, here might be some causes and solutions.
Watch more: How Much Sleep Do You REALLY Need? ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HjtFqBi494&list=PL8L0MzSk_V6JtEDRfRMyb6rFd1acqYSlO&index=66

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70 Responses

  1. RAJESH SINGH says:

    Ok I am going to stay away from electronics I’ll watch this video tomorrow 😂

  2. Continual Improvement says:

    My brain really needs to watch this and take notes.

  3. Blizzard XX Winter says:

    How did u know I stayed up till 5 AM last nite…

  4. Ozan İnan says:

    Why even make this video when you can just count sheep?

  5. Sad says:

    Tips: Listen to ASMR

  6. Zidan Hossain says:

    Do u know da wae?

  7. lois Lane says:

    1sheep 2sheep 3 sheep 4sheep its not working like if you try do this when you here about it

  8. Bye ! says:

    Could You Make A Video On What Nausea Really Is?

  9. Big Mac Weirdo says:

    *When you don’t have trouble sleeping*

  10. My name is Joey says:

    Hey there!
    Welcome to the comment section.

  11. Clash with Thoshi says:

    Blink your eyes countinously for 30 seconds your eyes get tired so your eyes need rest it forces you to close the eyes so you get sleep don’t trust me try this once and see

  12. Abhishek Verma says:

    Me being a werewolf confirmed

  13. Milu 786 says:

    Lol I was about to go to bed and saw this video now I can’t sleep

  14. stop n drop says:

    Well the more you try to fall asleep the less sleep you get. If you don’t bother sleeping and don’t even try… Well you sleep. Weird isn’t it

  15. MrFedoraFilm says:

    I would talk myself to sleep. Like for example, I quote TV/movie lines or make up something a conversation with himself.

  16. Tanish Surana says:

    Watching this video while trying to fall asleep

  17. Truly Infamous says:

    Melatonin tablets really help you get to sleep. You can buy them at the drugstore.

  18. Spinal says:

    That moment when that thumbnail is you 🙁

  19. Life Noggin says:

    HEY THERE! Thank you so much for the continued support. We’re VERY close to 2 million subscribers!
    🎉 Let’s hit that goal! 🎉 Wanna watch more? How much sleep do you REALLY need?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HjtFqBi494

    • Tamara Lynn says:

      Life Noggin I will make it happen

    • Legendary Gamers says:

      I’ll sub on my second account

    • Legendary Vlogs says:

      Legendary Gamers ✅ I subbed again

    • Jake Brookes says:

      Life Noggin hey life dude, i inderstand that your giving us so much good information but theres one thing your not doing, putting it into a practicall sense. Take this video for example you told us figures and solutions but people vairy so you should put common ways in instead of suggested ways
      An example of this is 30 mins away from tech which would be better saying calm down and read a book/reflect on your day avoiding LEDs all together
      Im not a hater, love the vids, just giving my honest opinion

  20. Wargod279 says:

    Rain on the roof usually help you sleep I don’t know why but for some people it does help them get to bed so if it isn’t raining look up some rain sound videos on youtube

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