Why It’s Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Jump | WIRED

Why It’s Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Jump | WIRED

At this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, we may see quad corks in Big Air Snowboarding or in Freestyle Skiing — and we’ll see quad twists and quad jumps in Figure Skating. But have we reached the limit of what’s possible? To do a quad, a skater’s got less than a second to turn their body four times in the air. WIRED’s Robbie Gonzalez set out to find out why five…is almost impossible.

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Why It’s Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Jump | WIRED

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39 Responses

  1. Flip Flopper says:

    Watching the Olympics last night was so entertaining. Nathan Chen will get them next time!

  2. Darvo's fire sale says:

    Did the cameraman skate backwards the whole time?

  3. Chauncey Lockwood says:

    such a well thought out episode, thanks

    • Blake Hartley says:

      no not at all. Ice skaters are doing the complete opposite of skiers. They are doing vert twists whike freestyle skiers to quad corks which is a combination of 4 flips and 1 spin or sometimes more spins. Basically the skiers are trying to flip 4 times upside down in a tucked position while the skaters are doing 4 spins in a pencil not going upside down at all. Tricking is way more impessive than figure skating

  4. Dawwwg Online says:

    So the question is, can the ice-skaters improve their spin-speed by 10-15% over time ( *and* still land it ) to take the gold ?
    Which is indeed on the very edge and perhaps unlikely, but snowboarders & skiers could do bigger jumps , so I hope to see those 1800s some time !

    PS: The real question is if he can still do it at 48 like Tony Hawk !

  5. Why_are_there _no_names says:

    Those slow-mo faces are just magical

  6. Laughing Wolf says:

    You guys should look at Martial Arts Tricking . We’re pushing 4s with punch and swing take offs

  7. SnoutyPig says:

    I could pull off a quint… in playing cards.

  8. Funking Prink says:

    C’mon… how hard is it to add “in figure skating” at the end of the title.

  9. Julius Burton says:

    Actually Jackson Wells was the first to land a quad cork on skis. Andri Ragettli was the first to do a quad cork 1800. Also a quad cork and a quad spin are very different. Skiers and snowboarders have been doing 1440s for a long time.

    • Toxicmony says:

      Julius Burton it sucks that nobody remembers that he did it first…

    • Julius Burton says:

      Toxicmony I think it is because he just posted a blurry video on Instagram, and when Andri did it he was at Nine Knights so he got loads of media coverage and advertising etc. So it was in the news and people outside of the sport heard about it.

    • The Depressionplug says:

      Julius Burton came to say this

    • Reese Karnatz says:

      not to mention someone just landed a 1980 on skis in the x games

    • LadyRapunzel says:

      Julius Burton Don’t know how it is in snowboarding, but in figure skating it doesn’t “count” until a person has done it in competition. It’s harder to do it under the pressure of competition than it is to do it in practice with as many tries as you need to get it right.

  10. AlmostMyself says:

    “I was Quad King before Nathan Chen unseated me,” lol I never saw a title transfer to someone elee like that

  11. twice and LOOΠΔ rule the world says:

    my ankle just broke

  12. Beatrice Wong says:

    Omg it’s Nathan Chen…that’s the only reason I’m watching this.

  13. Daniel Cooke says:

    “I have learned to use the word “impossible” with great caution.”- Wernher von Braun

  14. Optic500 says:

    Don’t give Shaun White any ideas he’ll want to do that trick, its simple law of physics you have something strapped to your feet which is long and heavy makes you rotate slower than something short and light like ski boot which helps you rotate faster. Bigger higher jumps for snowboarders and skiers will feel like landing on concreate you can only go so high.

    • Vislow says:

      Tom Probstmeier Mark can’t quad.

    • Tom Probstmeier says:

      Vislow it‘s been said multiple times that he has a quad. he‘s just never landed it in contest. do you really believe he would go for it in contest if he‘s never landed it outside?

    • Vislow says:

      Tom Probstmeier And there’s no footage of him doing it? In this day and age? Doubt it.

    • Tom Probstmeier says:

      Vislow yeah that‘s the only reason i would doubt it. but he‘s more than capable to imagine he can and like i said why would so many people independently say they have seen him land one and why would he try it on the biggest stage if he‘s never landed one outside of contest.
      i‘m guessing he landed some in practices (which would be a reason why there’s no footage) and just never has been able to put it down in contest.

    • Vislow says:

      Tom Probstmeier When he tried it looked like he’s never tried it before.

  15. Ethan Rummel says:

    Should all examine gymnasts and trampolinists, both for spins and just for the edge of human physical capability.

  16. wu lize says:

    I see Nathan, I click

  17. ExplosionChimp says:

    It’s official then. They need to add ramps to figure skating.

  18. dudewat212 says:

    Because… Gravity.

  19. redcrest5 says:

    Wow, this makes me feel even more respect for people like Yuzuru Hanyu and Nathan Chen who make those quads look so effortless. It’s cool to think that when we see them skate, we’re seeing the peak of the human body’s achievements.

  20. Nani Sunami says:

    I always cringe when that part comes 😬

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