Why Japan’s conviction rate is 99%

Why Japan’s conviction rate is 99%

In Japan, crime rates are low and the state incarcerates far fewer people than in other rich countries. But when people are accused of a crime they are almost always convicted

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20 Responses

  1. EvilGeniusTheOne says:

    nothing new here japan china korea all them eastern motherfuckers are
    cold…… fuck that….. i have no desire to ever go to prison but this
    makes me appreciate where i am…… it could be worse….. i could be in

  2. Noodle Storm says:

    good on Japan they are 100years ahead

  3. UBe Racis' (UBeRacis') says:

    If you eliminate the blacks and Latinos from the American crime statistics
    they fall as low as any other European country!

  4. Robert Avery says:

    As a LE Officer in the US for 33 years, I will take the Japanese system any
    day of the week. For the few that may be innocent, I think of the thousands
    in the USA that commit crimes so cruel, the suspects should be hung on the
    spot yet they get their rights to a fair trial that drags on and on and on
    and on. Give me a break. I would prefer to kill the suspects on the spot
    that I have caught in the act of raping kids, killing people yet they
    surrender as soon as I yelled Police. I wished more would resist to get the
    punishment they deserved. And I am not talking about any specific race as I
    speak of every ethnic back ground you can imagine.

  5. Ratacon Xavier says:

    They are so robotic over there. This is what they are trying to bring to
    America. That is why they are trying to disarm everyone in the United
    States. So they can bring this type of lifestyle and control humanity with
    an iron fist.

  6. MrLemmiwinks says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize how messed up Japan’s justice system is. It’s always
    painted as a utopia over there.

  7. Allen Jones says:

    If this was in America there would be no type of crimes.

  8. Curious Guy says:

    Gambaroooooo Hirashaiiiiiii

  9. clycoo5276 says:

    this video is western liberal propaganda to make japan look bad and hate on
    the death penalty.

  10. Na W says:

    No mater what any one says Japan is still one of the best countries in the
    world where a women can feel safe walking after midnight any where on the

  11. CBDav says:

    They most likely know how the Japs Slaughtered other Asian
    Nations Elderly, Women, children and babies… as well they should. Read
    the “Rape of Nanking”

  12. Ryan N says:

    This video didn’t explain *anything*.

  13. Christopher John says:

    Disclose evidence and free the innocent person. Japan’s police needs to
    apologize to the person and his family. Only after evidence is presented a
    person’s guilt can be established.This system needs to change . He lives
    under a suspicion of guilt and the real murderer is free .

  14. King Gilga says:

    Must suck to be a defense lawyer in Japan.

    And hanging? That is some saudi level shit.

  15. seahawkers101 says:

    So it’s like Salem in 1692…accuse your neighbor and ruin their life.

  16. Fake Grapefruit says:

    The old dude was convicted decades ago why are they even using his
    conviction as an example?

  17. shiconia says:

    I too go on Reddit.

  18. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Imagine if you were a cop there and had an APB out on an Asian man
    approximately 5-6 feet tall. Of course they get shit wrong from time to

  19. Juleen Forbes says:

    This proves that they don’t investigate. Whoever confess or is threatened
    to confess will and can be convicted. This is a lazy justice system.


    “Draconian” doesn’t even begin to describe life in Japanese prison. Its
    more like the worlst military boot camp imaginable that can last for
    decades up unto the prisoner’s eventual demise. The Japanese prison system
    is designed in such a way that if you do ‘get out’ then you never want to
    go back! You truly are rehabilitated and will diligently work to not
    digress back into a life of crime. This is in contrast to the failed prison
    industrial complex in the USA which merely milks the system and recycles
    prisoners on a constant basis.