Why Kim Jong-Il Kidnapped Filmmakers

Why Kim Jong-Il Kidnapped Filmmakers

It had to do with monster movies
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We watched a ton of North Korean films. Here’s what we learned about propaganda from them.

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25 Responses

  1. SilverNiKr says:

    I still have a fairly vivid memory of watching the second version of the movie with my grandma in a cinema. I never knew the history of that movie, but I’m so glad that it’s so fascinating.

  2. I’mSomeWhatCertain says:

    The Kim family never ceases to surprise the outside world with their malicious acts and cruelty.

  3. Pokhraj Roy says:

    I remember being shocked when I first heard about this story and happy to see this being covered.

  4. Ken G says:

    Extremely interesting, thanks Johnny. I’ve researched a lot about North Korea and their propaganda and the uniqueness of how they function, and videos like this are not only super cool but also super interesting because all of which you covered about has been sitting there for us to see this whole time. I’m glad I learned something new. Thanks for the video, I look forward to the next!

  5. Isaac Martinez says:

    I remember this story. Thank goodness both the filmmaker and his wife escaped and lived in South Korea until their deaths.

  6. Kai Sensei says:

    If you want to learn more about the kidnapped filmmakers, Atrocity Guide has a great video on them. There’s even recorded audio of them casually talking with Kim Jong-Il

    • Jason Born says:

      Strongly suspect that he leveraged her previous video (which is excellent and longer than this one) in creating this video. She really deserves more views, all of her videos are fantastic.

  7. Frames FC says:

    The visuals, the research, the structure.
    Mind Blowing Storytelling.
    I am amazed Mr. Jonny Harris And Team!

  8. Friday Night Therapy says:

    I love film making/ cinematography so this was fantastic! Production value was off the charts, and the editing enhanced the overall story perfectly! Thanks again.

  9. DeadRyGuy says:

    I had no idea that North Korea kidnapped an actress and director; it’s in that spot of recent enough it wasn’t “history” as I was growing up, but also slightly before my time and awareness of world events. Great storytelling and production as usual!
    I really enjoy the longer pieces. Many of these topics deserve the time and discussion, not to mention this is probably the only thing I’ve ever seen on North Korean cinema. At least from this viewer’s perspective, the longer vids are great!

  10. NEXUSNEST says:

    Is nobody gonna ask Johnny about where the hell did he find these North Korean movies from?!

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