Why Kylo Ren ACTUALLY Turned to the Dark Side

Why Kylo Ren ACTUALLY Turned to the Dark Side

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to….awesome powers.

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20 Responses

  1. wdcain1 says:

    I don’t get why Kylo Ren is popular. From what I gather, his fans like
    him… because he’s a dork. That makes no sense. I remember reading Jacen
    Solo’s fall to the Dark Side and being so engrossed. I get nothing of that
    from Kylo Ren. Plus, I want it on the record that Abrams turned Nero, the
    amazingly developed character from the Star Trek Countdown comics, from a
    tragic man who fell into villainy from circumstances beyond his control
    into a crazy idiot for the movie.

  2. ADoG1 says:

    Light side DOES have lightning. And it’s green too. But stormtroopers are
    way cooler than rebel troopers. hehe the useless helmets that barely do
    anything. It even has a visor that doesn’t even go down too.

  3. Ariel Bruce says:


    Sure they might not be flashy, all spectacle shit like Force Lightning, but
    they are actually useful. Two words. MIND TRICK.

    Someone being an asshole to you? Two options:
    1- Dark side options – kill him (Force Choke, Force Lightning, etc), and
    get thrown in jail like the psycho you are.
    2- Light side options – Mind Trick him into leaving you alone, or better
    yet make him make you sandwich. Much better.

    Not to mention that in Jedi Knight II, the most fun thing was mind tricking
    stormtroopers, then pushing them to their doom while they were shooting
    each other. Force Confusion!

    And whatever happened to lightsaber throw? That move was awesome! They
    should absolutely do that move in the upcoming Star Wars movies. Kyle
    Katarn was the best jedi in the galaxy.

    Oh and, last thing. Dark Side makes you an ugly, depressed, unhealthy,
    sadistic prick. Light Side has Force Healing. You get too stay healthy! And
    healthy = happy.

    I’m done here.

  4. Ragnarokia NG says:

    You could say animal friendship is
    *leans in to whisper*

  5. Simon Thompson says:


  6. SilverSupernova says:

    Sure, you mock Animal friendship now. but we’ll see who’s laughing when my
    12 Rancor buddies show up.

  7. The Herobrinenyan says:

    actually the dark side was the original aide of the force to force ghost.
    even Darth maul force ghosted in shattered empire

  8. The3DGamer says:

    I dunno, in the star wars universe, animal friendship is pretty terrifying.
    “Go, my pet rancor, destroy them!”

  9. DARTH VADER says:

    Its true. All of it.

  10. superWTF64lol says:

    Animal friendship=Farcry: Star Wars edition

    And if it’s one thing about light vs dark side, good prevails in the end

  11. CidGuerreiro1234 says:

    “Do you sometimes feel like Han Solo is the father you never had? Yeah, me
    too” – Kylo Ren

  12. Alex halo says:

    Wait dorkly you do know that there are jedi that use lighting too right

  13. Leon Fook says:

    Hey, how bout the Dork side.

  14. Leonard Church says:


  15. AwesomeSuaceable says:

    Ca… Caldwell?

  16. Spirit Animals Foreva says:

    Yea the Dark Sides way better

  17. TheOrdinaryGreen says:

    Why Nobody ACTUALLY Cares

  18. Nerd Council Member says:

    A fool, you are Ben Solo. Forgotten your grandmother, you have.

  19. Luis Estrada says:

    dark side get hurt and die mostly, kinda never win and their huge weapon
    will most likely blow up and also loose a hand

  20. Lord of Admirals says: