Why Magnus Carlsen Quit

Why Magnus Carlsen Quit

After a stunning loss yesterday, Magnus Carlsen has withdrawn from the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. Hikaru is live to give his thoughts on it.

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36 Responses

  1. Kiblitzers Chess says:

    4d chess: Nepo made this up to get Magnus to withdraw so his loss was erased

    5D Chess: Hans didn’t cheat but acted intentionally sus to tilt Magnus since he was his biggest competition in winning the tournament

    6D chess: Levy and Hikaru spread the rumor to juice chess numbers after the decline from the Covid boom

    7D chess: Magnus actually has a secret wife and she’s in labor so he flew back to Norway to see the birth of Magnus Jr., but his wife made him swear not to reveal anything until the baby was born

  2. Jennifer says:

    Really impressed with the chess community’s creativity in finding so many ways to say something while not saying anything.

  3. pints of watermelon says:

    Interesting how normally the post game interviews are usually more about exploring the GM’s thoughts and insights and more interview oriented. This one felt much more like a test that Hans was desperately failing.
    It’s definitely not evidence of cheating, but the whole thing looks a little off / suspicious.
    Hats off to the interviewer for really grilling Hans on his lines. Interviewer was well prepared and quick on his feet.

    • Santi Castillo says:

      @Bob Dylan they were analyzing lines that Hans was supposed to have analyzed during the game. So it’s not in a matter of seconds.

    • Spiffo says:

      @J Kntrds No proof of cheating.

    • J Kntrds says:

      @Spiffo not beating worlds undeniably best player in such a manner .

    • Juan Juarez says:

      @Tea Mate have you won anything ever before? Clearly not. It’s nerve wrecking being interviewed on it, especially if your social skills aren’t that great. Shit, when I was 19, I was always anxious. Especially having a interviewer who thought you were cheating.

    • Patatmetmayo says:

      @Tea Mate No, he didn’t ”almost” play like an engine either, he played well but all moves looked very much human including some errors you’d expect a human to make. Magnus simply didn’t play his best game, as he had several chances to draw the game. So based on the game and the moves made, absolutely no reason to think Hans was cheating here.

  4. atg says:

    I don’t even play chess much but my kids take lessons etc and it is really helpful for us to see your take on this situation. It is really cool to see real top level players react in real time to a potential cheating scandal. We live in some type of perfect age for being able to see the top chess players operate in and out of games. This type of commentary was just not available in the past decades.

  5. Peter Perhac says:

    nothing quite like a good bit of chess drama. Best part is having Hikaru in the bottom corner laughing hysterically from time to time. This video is GOLD

  6. Corey Mc says:

    Does anyone find it really weird how when Alejandro said “you must be impressed with the quality of the chess you’re playing” Hans responded “people don’t care about the quality, just about results”.

    And when Alejandro told him he was on 2/3 points, that all of Magnus’ games will be annulled; he responded “But I still get the rating, right? — Okay good, that’s all I care about”

    I feel like during a tournament like this, why would he instinctively say that he only cares about the rating??

  7. Krêpes says:

    Just in case anyone is wondering why Hans’ accent changes in the post-game interview, it’s not actually him talking. It’s the chess.

  8. Ferdinand Luskel says:

    The reaction of super GM Hikaru on the post game analysis is just pure gold. As someone with some understanding of the game, I couldn’t stop laughing. Hikaru tends to overdramatize some things, but this was 100% real reaction and I just loved it haha

  9. jarethozb07 says:

    @Hikaru You were right about the engine. Yesterday they had it on during analysis. Look at the interview from the day before (after the Magnus game). They have the engine on and he says stuff like “Qh4 here” Alejandro plays it and the eval bar takes a nosedive or sky rockets (depending on which way it went) I thought it was very strange, I’d like to hear your opinion, Please do a video on it. Hans would have been better to come out and say “So what, am I being accused of cheating” dancing around the subject makes it look way more suspicious ! Also what is with his accent !?! A couple years ago he sounded like a typical American teenager to me and now he’s like Eastern European or what ? Did they ship him off to Russia to be coached in a basement or something ? Maybe this explains his sudden improvement ?

  10. exodud says:

    I don’t follow this enough, but it also felt weird to me how Hans seemed more interested in how the Magnus game affected his rating or tournament points, and even how he constantly repeated “I’m winning” through his analysis

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