Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World πŸ”

Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World πŸ”

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Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let’s talk about it.


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Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World

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91 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    The first 1000 people to use this link will get a 2 month free trial of skillshare: http://skl.sh/kurzgesagt3 – Thanks a lot to Skillshare for supporting this channel.

    • My life says:

      baked beans that’s what I said

    • Blueberry says:

      Oh wait.

    • Throttle Kitty says:

      Really disappointed to see this channel completely sell out, and drop from doing scientific videos to bias, agenda pushing ones. If you had bothered to even remotely research the subject you would see that we treat plants just as poorly, and evidence clearly shows they suffer as well. Not to mention, basically 70% of ALL POLLUTION is plant fertilizer.

    • Ultra Instinct Jesus says:

      Stop spreading the lies that we have reptillion brains. This was debunked long ago.

    • Rokiyo says:

      Antagonizing meat eaters might make you feel better, but it will just make them click off the video faster. Would you rather a video that might actually convince them to change a little, or would you rather a video that makes you feel better but achieves nothing?

  2. Vanessa Fabricci says:

    wow I didn’t know they did that to male chicks, that is sooo messed up wtf

  3. Yoel Ridgway Lopez says:

    How come they don’t address the health aspect?

  4. KreΕ‘imir Jurilj says:

    What ever you do, do not watch Earthlings unless you have super strong guts!

  5. Hans Moleman says:

    It’s devastating. However I honestly don’t see the world changing soon

  6. craziegraciie says:

    Honestly it’s unfortunate that a lot of vegans come across as angry, self-righteous etc. but when I became vegan I finally get it. People should be angry at the fact that we exploit and slaughter these animals when it is largely needless. Their anger is not misplaced but it does colour the way that they convey their message. It is difficult sometimes to come across as rational when talking about an extremely emotional topic. So next time a vegan tries to tell you the truth about animal agriculture, please try and focus on their actual message and not just they way they say it.

    • HGRAP1 says:

      but I like bacon too much… so I’ll continue eating it

    • SeanYoutubebebebe says:

      You are actually retarded if you think they dont use fertilizer on plants grown for animals or that those animals eat grass (factory farmed animals). Just as with plants grown for humans these farmers want their plants to grow fast, effective (yield per m^2) and be protected from insects. They’ll use just as much shit on that as they would for plants for humans (maybe even more cause taste and shit is a non-issue). Also just the sheer amount of fucking space the food these animals consume takes up, the amount of forest that has to be cut for that, how can you even argue that farming plants somehow damages our environment more than eating animals. Eating animals litteraly leads to more plant farming. Also methane from cowfarts. I’m not even vegan but not 1, not fucking 1, serious objective person could agree with you. The facts are not on your side at all on this issue.

    • GlobleTheater says:

      We kill trees for their wood; We kill plants and eat them.

    • Acekorv says:

      To be a vegan can be a struggle sometimes you are constantly tested and reviewed by people around you. They just can’t help themselves. The most annoying thing about this is that people are so uneducated and ignorant you basically need to have a lecture like this video every time people start to judge/ask you about it. Then they calm down after a while and claim they only eat organic meat, which actually doesn’t make it any better, the world would be better of them eating non organic meat lol

    • Jason says:

      +Szobiz you’re a fucking idiot. Can we barbeque you?

  7. How many subscribers can I get with no videos? says:

    After watching this I’ve decided I’m going to be a vegan.

  8. Alexander Prime says:

    In Kenya we do not eat much meat and are best runners of the world

    • David Kintu says:

      I disagree. Herd Cows cause traffic jams there! And I bet it’s not for show

    • MineCrafter says:

      2 things.
      1) The runners you are thinking of come from a specific tribe who have a body, legs, that is made for running.
      2) Do the Maasai not exist in Kenya? The nomadic people who raise cows, eat them and have a ritual meal which consists of mixing cow blood with milk to drink?
      I am Kenyan as well, and I can guarantee that meat is enjoyed wildly there. Things like Nyama Choma is a common meal.

      Also like the other dude said, there is no link between the two.

    • Alexander Prime says:

      +MineCrafter main meal for my village is ugali

    • harrison duncan says:

      Alexander Prime absolutely no correlation

    • johannes alke says:

      For the people who don’t get it, I’m pretty sure he contests the claim that only with lots of meat you can build lots of muscle or something in that general area.

  9. Charlie Ford says:

    I feel like becoming a vegan now

    • Meganxx Singsxx says:

      YASSSS GET IT🀩🀩🀩☺️☺️☺️

    • Steven Tran says:

      Do it man! All you need is a bottle of vitamin B12 and D and you’re all set. Do you grocery shopping and look up vegan protein sources online. Best protein sources includes broccoli, peas, soy, beans, seitan, etc. Also if you’re craving meat again, BeyondMeat burgers are the best vegan burgers I’ve ever had. They tastes like actual meat! Good luck!

    • NemanhΓ£o _ says:

      Check vegan22 challenge for ideas and support, its completely free ☺

    • harrison duncan says:

      Charlie Ford just don’t over-consume meat and you’ll be fine

  10. pyroar primal says:

    My teacher is making us do a project on this, im not complaining, the way you explain this is perfect, thanks for not being a boring channel πŸ˜€

    • glitchscofflaw says:

      Something to help with your report, one of the problems with this assessment is not all agricultural land and feed are created equal. No one feeds cows human grade corn unless it’s the byproduct of oil presses and distilleries – after the humans used it. No, you cannot feed humans rotting byproducts or grass that grows on largely crappy land not suited for most crops. On top of that, rotating crop fields is a necessary part of restoring nutrients after intensive farming. Land shouldn’t be exclusively used for only 1 product, the real problem is monocultures. Global Rice production produces just as much methane as cows do, it’s not just meat that is problematic. It’s all of agriculture.

      Yes CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations) is problematic and shouldn’t be the standard either, but this critique glosses over the fact that a small family farm is an artifical ecosystem that works best with both animals and plants. We have chickens because they eat all the insects instead of using pesticides. We have cows, goats, sheep, and other herbivores because it means less gasoline and diesel to run grass cutting machines and use their poop for running Biogas generators. Everyone should be using Biogas for the food waste and poop if you really care about methane production or converting methane into less harmful CO2.

      Crop farms hire hunters and pest control all the time too, so if you think eating plants kills less animals woo wee sorry to tell you but we kill way more rats and insects and fish each year from crop agriculture than we slaughter animals. Every day is killing day for an unwanted farm pest, whereas livestock on average take 1-3 years to reach market weight. No one goes around and counts all the dead rats hiding in the bushes and holes. Comparing these two realities is disingenuous when you don’t even know the real numbers about how living things are affected by humans. You can’t really claim an honest ethical high ground as a supermarket vegan just by pretending animals don’t die in the process of raising crops

    • William Elliott says:

      +glitchscofflaw this felt personal 😐

    • Veggies for Thought says:

      What an awesome project, have fun! πŸ™‚

  11. Mead says:

    I’m eating Vegans now…


  12. T wu says:

    I didn’t realise how inefficient meat farming was. Such a waste of resource that otherwise would’ve made it to the hands of other people in need. Could careless about the well-being the farmed animals tbh, but that’s always the argument by vegans, the suffering of animals. Feel like only first world pussies cares about that type of issue. But yea, I am more than willing to give up this inefficient way of consumption, not that I eat much meat to begin with…

    • Skop Craft says:

      T wu Thank you this exactly what I wanted to comment but couldn’t quite find the right words

    • God says:

      People in need aren’t in need because of farming techniques, they are in need because capitalism, statism, corruption and general exploitation of men by men. It’s more profitable to starve people and throw unsold food to the trash than giving away said food.

    • Harry K says:

      Nishinoya Beecham i’m not here to educate lol look at the studies yourself. i’m merely here to point out that if people say they don’t care about the welfare of the animals they eat, why do they have pets? the two things are at odds with each other and that makes people uncomfortable, naturally so.

    • The Red Celt says:

      I’m not a vegan, but I find quite concerning that some people think that caring about other sentient beings makes you “a pussy”. What’s brave about ignoring the suffering of animals exactly?

  13. Lil Charme says:

    *vegans have joined the game*

  14. naveed2809 says:

    Was this video sponsored by bobs burgers?

  15. Jackson says:

    The conclusion contradicts the arguments given the premises. You should have hired philosophers who actually know something about logic for this episode. β€žRespect your steakβ€œ, really? Thats ridiculous. Human must learn to control their irrational emotions. Everybody admires people like Ghandi but doesnt listen what people like him actually say.

    • 00auguste says:

      Respect your steak is all about not letting it go bad and throwing it away. Most people cant go vegan over night and that is why you should start by respecting how its made to make sure you can make smaller or bigger changes in your diet.

    • Veggies for Thought says:

      I see that so much with so many people unfortunately πŸ™ The disconnect between you value and what you do, the disconnect between morals and actions. We need self-reflection and time to think on our actions instead of constant distractions. All the best, my friend!

  16. epSos.de says:

    Meat can be nice. The industrial farming is horrible. Most meat eaters agree on that.
    Changing to lab grown meat is not that hard, if the flavor is same or better.

    • This Channel Is Junk says:

      you know, some lab meat is recycled human shit…. enjoy that

    • Miren Summers says:

      yeah but it’s expensive and it’s a waste of resources because you don’t need to eat meat

    • Mr LloydVal says:

      the act of people eating lab grown meat still doesn’t avoid the consumption of dietary cholesterol, high saturated fat, and the fact that processed meat is carcinogenic. it’s each person’s choice if they want to be healthy or not, but the information isn’t widely available enough for most people to make that decision knowing all of the facts.

    • TheAstronomyDude says:

      It’s just entropy. Senselessly killing billions of animals is freakin’ awesome for the Universe and speeding up it’s end goal of a heat death. This is the exact same reason smoking marijuana has become so popular and the same reason why we love driving cars.

    • The Hermit Emperor says:

      Lab grown meat…That idea is disgusting, unpleasant and artificial. They should just go for organic grass feed meat….Plain and simple. Also raise the prices of meats because too much of it is not that good for health anyways.

  17. Dem says:

    the video explicitly says “youre not better than anyone else for being vegan” and you still have vegans in the comments boasting about how great they are for not eating meat

  18. lexmarkx75 says:

    My non English-speaking, meat-loving parents don’t understand me being vegan. To help them understand, would you be able to add Chinse translations to this video? Thank you in advance

  19. TheeLeg3nd says:

    “eating meat doesn’t make you a bad person, and not eating meat doesn’t make you a good one”

  20. brent de vaan says:

    Almost feel guilty for beating my own meat after watching this video..

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